Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Quip Central!

Tonight - we've recovered the sofas, Paulla and Widdyton will try them out. Behind the scenes and Scott's hairstylist would look right at home in Albert Square; Jared-teasing and Erin sabotaging Gavya!

Paul (A wand-ering star) says he pictured the judges as spitting image puppets and could barely contain himself; Ola (Strictly Dancing Queen) sticks up for her man, he didn't get anything wrong. They're adorable in training. Foxtot next week; it's going well, says Ola. "Who are you doing it with?" asks Paul!

Judges comments, condensed. Craig in the house (Handy-man: it's an armography thing) Overall, celebs are fantastic, loves the new pros, pairings are great. Matt and Pamela impress with the arms, desperate to see Widdyton's salsa!

Chris Hollins' take too (see what I did there?) Peter -good hands, agile, true gent; Gavin - great turn of speed, loves going forward, let's hope he loves going backwards and side to side too; Pamela - good with her head *ouch*; Felicity - oozes class; Matt - enthusiastic, can get down and dirty; Ann, tactical genius; Tina - small and nippy; Kara - loves the pressure of competition; Goldie - exuberant, disciplinary problem; Pasty - from absolute beginner to lethal weapon; Paul - veteran showing touches of magic. Don't mess with the boss! Michelle, big signing from the US; Jimi the bubbly boy and Scott - a players' player.

Widdyton! Ann (Right Foot Forward) has a fantastic attitude - and replies "no-one's ever seen Dumbo dance before" to Clauds assertion that the world was waiting. Anton (Beke in business) says they changed the beginning of the routine, taking out the splits and cartwheels! Re the standing ovation, Ann says: They hoped we'd finished, they'd had enough! Re next week, there'll be things in the salsa that don't belong there - like the waltz, lol!


  1. Go team Widdebeke! That's what they seem to have been christened on the various blogs/boards :o)

    The anticipation for their Salsa on saturday could not be any higher in our house - seriously! :o)

  2. lol, I know - it'll be one to remember!