Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Question Time

Tonight ...Peterin, choreography corner, Jimavia, Brendelle.

Peterin - cracking save! Peter (having a ball) final two the worst experience of his life (even more than that Maradona incident!) Nice shirt though. Thanks his voters. Erin (Shilton's defence) convinced they were goners. If he can get the steps and the performance together, it'll be good. Sports Star to Sequin star/broadway luvvy production of My Fair Goalie. Quickstep next week!

Choreography Corner with Lisa Bellinger (Giving it a whirl) Current UK Closed Pro Latin Champion (Karen's on her hols) Looks for three diamonds to highlight a dance, not technical - a WOW factor: Artara's use of the scarf as prop with the back bend; Mattiona's gymnastic finish; Scattalie's Scott solo spot - try saying that after a couple - Jamela's dangerous spin - all pros trusting their partners, she wouldn't give her students risky moves the 2nd week! Felicent leading with the leg spin; Robsy perfectly in sync, with Patsy in front. Whoever did her eye make-up has to move in with Claudia! A lot of perfomances had diamonds and risk ... in week 2! Paulla needs more repetition; Gavya had harder choreography, may be why he struggled; Jarina, the spin queen - more the merrier!

Glitterball, glitterball on the floor ... Sid1979: Do you collect anything? Ann - bears on plates, skating, knitting, anything; Paul - magic posters; Vincent - aftershave; Artem - hotel keys (?) Jimi - dirty socks *wrinkles nose* Waltzing Matilda: What makes you cry? Peter - losing penalty shoot-outs; Jimi - people with no sense of humour; Flavia - anything; Artem - movies; Robin: soppy movies; Erin doesn't cry *throws the card* SarahCucumbers?19 (can't read my writing, sorry Sarah!) Favourite Potato (fab question though, lol - Jared struggles!) Jimi - French fries; Vincent - heartshaped (watch out for a piccie of him later, with me! Poor man.) Jared: balls? (they're roasties, says Claudia) Paul - home grown; Robin: chips!

Jimavia on the sofa - it was amazing. No, really! Jimi (Jimi'll Fix It) had a total blank just before their go. Flavia (Mistry Caller) Oh, no, not again, please! Ok, she didn't actually say that - but she'd seen the panic in his face! Loved being out last to wrap the show. Shimmy Spielberg asked if they felt they were a tad undermarked - but they were delighted, thought it amazing, in fact! International Man of Mistry does impressions - helpfully, caption guy told us who they were! The celebs all very supportive, everyone is giving it everything. Feeling good about the rumba this week!

Brendelle's turn on the sofa - what does she have to do, here we go again! Michelle (Bench Marks) felt good about the foxtrot ... the numbers can only go up though! Brendan (Using the handrail) says their foxtrot was a proper foxtrot and felt Bruno undermarked. The nutty, bubbly lady is coming across, don't worry! Rumba next week, she needs to get closer, go for it and touch Brendan. Better you than me, says Clauds!

End credits, all you need is a hug.

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