Monday, 18 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Pozegnalny Paulla!

Tonight ... Paulla, Craig, Jamela, Peterin.

Behind the scenes, band call and first time with live music, Vincent singing (keeeeep dancing, Vincent!) welly wearer Matt, the Murillo clan all dance , no-one wanted to do Vincent in make up!

Ola (unemployed magician's assistant) on the sofa, Paul joining on the jellybone. They did the best they could - Paul requested for the rumba not to be sexy or raunchy, so they went for comedy. Ola knows a magic trick! Pick a card, any card - behind the back it goes "Is that your card?" "No!" Wait ... wait ... wait - Yes, that's it! Lol. This week would have been a logistical nightmare, lots of trips away for shows: Kismet, says Paul. Ann thought they were endearing, she thought he'd be safe too.

Grumpy Len - tip top to cream crackered - Craig (Very Revel-Headed) on the sofa, blames America! Or Len's trips to it, anyway. Len's on the phone, confirms that Jamela were heading for a 9 until the aeroplane spin, likewise Matt. Craig justfies his 4 for Brendelle - lots of small things wrong, also Jimavia - no hip action in the walks, but side to side and rotation good. As funny as Ann is, she's also applying herself, this he likes. Technically abyssmal but applying herself! Ssssscattalie - loved it loved it loved it, coming along beautifully, show biz pizazz ... pizazz.

Jamela on the sofa - confession time - it was Pam (Dr.Who is No.1) who insisted on the spin, one of many ideas they had and put in against James' (Last Jordan Standing) better judgement! He is now known as the all seeing, all knowing rumba God - and she's the Old Bird! Mother of 5; nanny of 2, who call her Goddie (Goddess!) the boy doesn't like the boobies and short dresses on show though; youngest daughter, 22, found the rumba too much! Tango this week!

Most impoved Peterin on the sofa, cue footie puns - Erin's putting her foot down "stop with the football chat in training; it' not football, it's dancing!" Peter (Showman Shilton) excited, might have been the hair Erin (She likes to Boagie) happy it all came together on the night. They have Charleston this week - lots of kicking and a couple of lifts - no dropping now!

End credits is Jarina's rumba from Wednesday's training, Bleeding Love the song and it looked very nice, relaxed and some lovely armography. Will they do that on Saturday or do they have to learn tango or Charleston?

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