Friday, 15 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Pop Panel

Tonight ... Widdyton confess, Lulu & Jason, Gavya, rehearsal.

Gav (In a Scrumba) - very honest - relied on chest as can't dance ...yet, adds Katya (Virshual - reality) Not so Dirty Dancing, though Katya wants mothers to close their daughters eyes for their rumba. Worked on technique and exensions, really enjoying it.

Widdyton missed out half the routine; there was only meant to be one spin at the end! Ann (Always Right) calls it her Mandelson Moment! She'd love to have done it perfectly, the missing bit was her favourite - where her feet didn't have to move! Anton (At Ann's Beke 'n' Call) says Craig laughing was the highlight of his life and that Ann is developing beautifully, doesn't like to be shackled by a routine, likes to be spontaneous. She's allowing him to wear a suit, he's negotiating to lead. She's after making Craig cry this week!

Jason Donovan (Aussie Rules) and Lulu (Flower of Scotland) join Craig (Horwood to please) on the panel. Artara doing well, song will rock out, says Lulu. Len won't like it, says Craig! Wearing lace, halter neck, says Jason (he's on dresses!) Jamela and another teeter moment, lovely back and leg lines, beautiful, spectacular, unbelievable, looks like a pro, Adele's You Make Me Feel My Love - gorgeous; Paulla - worrying arms, need to extend - great song, Rihanna and Take A Bow; Peterin - looks much better and a proper QS song - The Lullaby of Broadway. Lulu bigs up the band, Erin's dress has a lot of flares! (Thinking: it's a good job they concentrated on frocks during the week!) Felicent - you can tell she loves it, playing the character well. Super supple. True Colours by Cyndi Lauper, "lots of leg going on in the dress" lol. Robsy needs to soften and have more body contact.

The Celebrity Adrenalin Rush as Clauds heads downstairs ... and nabs Matt, Jimi and Scott, Scattalie her victims tonight - we don't see much as the credits roll, keeping it a surprise!

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