Monday, 25 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Peterin Peter Out!

Tonight ... Peterin, Alesha, Widdyton, Felicent.

But first, backstage with OlaCam! Vincent’s eyebrow; telling off James for not eating all his lunch; James and Len take the mick; Artem’s body the result of bee stings. Len and James in snogging shocker!

Showtime ... recap ... Peterin on the sofa. Peter (Charleston Athletic) sick as a parrot, obviously. Erin (Kept us in Suspense) pointed out that Charleston not his dance and it wasn’t done till week 11 last year! Proud to have danced with a legend. Shilts now rooting for Scott and Jimi; Erin naturally supporting Team Widdybeke!

Animal Magic, judges carried away with our furry friends; Alesha on the sofa, minus the snake. Very excited by the current crop, you can normally suss out who’s likely to win but too many to choose from this year! Her heart’s pounding during the Here We Go moments; accurately and fairly appraises the couples.

Widdyton, bums firmly on the sofa – Anton (Ground Control) suggested flying in as a joke, along with other ideas, Ann (Blue Sky Thinking) totally went for it – and still in character while they released her from the harness. Anton very impressed, considering the fear of heights. Paso Doble next week, she’s the cape!

Felicent’s turn – the kiss was inevitable, lol. Vincent’s idea. I’m not so sure, he seemed surprised on Saturday! Fliss (La Dolce Vita) didn’t think it would be allowed. Vincent (Pucker partner) says he was a genius to come up with the apple and banana trick. Vincent’s Magic Eyebrow gets its own sketch show. VW next – dizziness a problem – don’t even go near left and right.

End credits: And a one - two – three – four ...

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