Friday, 8 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Panel Ponderings!

Tonight ... Scattalie, Jarina, Friday panel, crashing rehearsal.

Scott (Scottie the hottie) finds the music helps him understand what he needs to do; Nat (She's Scott herself an eastender) is told what to do by the music. He's got a shimmy, we saw a glimpse! I love her eyeshadow, sparkly jade!

Jarina and Tina (Getting Corried away) is keeping mum on any more mistakes; Jared (American Boy) concurs. They all agree, wardrobe are magic

Friday Panel: Craig on dancing; Chris de Burgh, music (De Musician) full of admiration for the celebs; Louise Redknapp, dresses (Eternal-ly happy) surprised by Matt, he looked like a dancer. Assessments: Gavya - not great, stuck in the mud, flatfooted but Rihanna's Please Don't Stop The Music a great choice, you can relate.
Artara - she's looking great, really suiting her. Matt Monroe's From Russia With Love (See what they've done there!) All the detail on the back of the frock, but then, she'd look fab in a tracksuit. Widdyton - lol - you have to watch! Craig all stern, Chris and Louise cracking up. What do they have to do to score? Simply dance! Dean Martin's Mambo Italiano - fab choice!
Mattiona - an interesting start and finish which they don't show. Lovely feet, legs, lines, gorgeous to watch. Plan B and She Said - risky but will work!
Jamela - knockout! Extraordinary, so much energy - and The Miami Sound Machine's Dr. Beat! Best frock, ruffles, sexy. It's red, points out Chris, I know a song about that and, on cue, they play it!
Brendelle - it's ok, not perfect "slightly sway of back and a bobble bottom" - Craig. Sinatra, It Had To Be You - perfect. Gorgeous, classic dress.
Peterin - "Hip Replacement" - Craig. Needs more energy, work the floor and ... we're out of time!

The stars are paranoid about the stairs, even the three little ones onto the floor. Clauds is in the studio, gives us James and Artem in black vest tops, who in turn give us press ups! Tess' Tower will become Claudia's Castle for the results show, says Alan, the floor manager. Felicent are the lucky? couple to dance us out, to Something Stupid. Clauds is swaying!

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