Thursday, 7 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Nice hat. Really.

Tonight ... Jimavia (it came to my attention I actually changed their team name on Saturday; I've gone back to my original!) Peterin, the new boys.

Foxtrot training: Felicent have a problem with left and right; Jarina have a language barrier; Brendelle all floaty and getting there; Artara showing the required graft; Mattiona looking good; Paulla working hard; Goldina could definitely surprise; Jimavia? Hm, not so sure but they're on the sofa. Jimi (Magical Mistry Tour) talks things over with himself, Flavia (Mistry's Girl) agrees! She says that cha cha was the best first performance for her in five series! Chanks! All you need to learn to dance in a can. Available in salsa, cha cha chicken and fiery foxtrot - which is looking better now!

The Sequin Team, live, from Russia, Hawaii ... and Ipswich! Artem (Russian Revolution) loves the paso, Clauds agrees re the hat; Jared (The way to a Murillo *salutes caption guy*) was a ski racer and is having a blast; Robin (new in the Strictly hood) has no hobbies :( and had to be pulled off the ceiling after receiving the Strictly call! Robin and Artem are sharing an unfurnished flat - and neither could be in to sign for the sofa! Patsy is coming out with attitude this week, is on fire; Tina worries too much about the competition and we've no idea how Kara is, because Clauds is infatuated with Artem's chest. Which we don't mind, if we're honest.

Salsa training: Jamela are looking fantastic; Robsy also much happier and relaxed; Widdyton could be the stuff of legend, there is armography! Ann: "No agonising; I came here to dance!" Gavya, she's going for sexy, he may have to fake it- although, hell-oo, shimmy! Scattalie concerned about friends expectations, could be hot, could be not; Peterin is going to give it plenty. And they're on the sofa. Peter (The gloves are off) loves the whole experience, all you can do is your best. Very positive. A Christmas toy will (not) be on sale: Action Dance Man, with gripping hands - Erin (A Boags Life): "Pull your arms up, you're squeezing me to death!" -Eagle Eyes, Talking, Rotating Limbs for all your favourite dance moves!

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