Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Karen's Choreography Corner

Tonight ... Brendelle/Michelin, choreography, Jamela, Gavya.

On the sofa first, a trio of loveliness. Brendan (Bren there Dan that) jealous not being with Michelle (she's a survivor) who feels empowered by her partners. Ian (Waite-ing for a recount) desperate for her to go through. Tha balance issue is down to nerves; heart pumping when the music starts. They've handed her over, it's jive next!

Out of the Glitterball ... Mystical 123 asks, which three famous peeps would you have as dinner guests: Ann - Jane Austen, Charles 2nd, Mother Theresa; Anton - Fred Astaire; Vincent - Sylvester Stallone; Al Pacino & Robert De Niro; Felicity - Ann Widdicombe. MGem2000 asks: Which kitchen utensil would you be and why? Aliona - a spoon, for picking up all the custard (that's going to run and run ... maybe she needs more cornflour ...) Jimi - a sieve, keep all the good stuff; Artem - a coffee maker cos coffee makes everyone happy; Katya - a stove, cos she likes to bake; Robin - a wooden spoon, cos he likes to stir trouble! Sooz asks: What's the best advice you've ever been given? Ola - Don't give up on your dreams, follow your dreams; Anton - don't worry about complaining, impove yourself; Felicity - don't moan, get on with it; Vincent - always be yourself, that's what I do. That's why you all love me, including you, I can see it in your eyes ...

Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner. Prop heaven on Saturday night, fave moments were Felicent's floor spin, so difficult, trust, seamless transition; Jimi was masterful with the cane; Mattiona's double cartwheel; Jarina just shaded it with theirs! Scattalie building up the music, soft, energising then BOOM - light and shade - Nat should be in make up! Gavya - loved the down to the ground oversway, it's really not just kneeling; Widdyton's beautiful outside swivels, keeping it pure; Robsy's classic gimmick free Charleston allowed her to express, pure.

Jamela in sofa residence and Pamela (Head Girl) doesn't care about the scores, James (Pamela Tames Jordan) wants to win. Pamela was concerned with her posture, James wants to win. Pamela has had her head replaced with a glitterball, James wants to win. Jive this week, Pamela is letting herself go, James wants to win - oh, and he did enjoy hist first tango! But to ensure the win, they're riding an elephant and have doves flying in specially. Or they'll maybe go with a Devil theme.

Gavya on the sofa and Gav (Gavin a hard time) lost concentration after the slip, shame as Katya (Kat's eyes on Gavin) said he was belting it out on Thursday, nerves got him. More training than anyone else - 140 hours - but proper stage fright! Stop playing with your hair! Still star struck by Peter Andre! Paso Doble next!

End credits: Sleepy byes!

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