Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Goodbye Goldina

Tonight ... Goldina trot-foxed, was the real Craig abducted by aliens, Artara and Jamela.

But first, behind the scenes - Len's all twitchy, the mere mention of salsa makes Anton smile, Goldie in pants; Vinent beaten up, Ann doesn't get nervous, she gets ready! The nervous excitement is apparent!

Recap - reminding me how much fun Saturday night was. Goldina on the sofa and Goldie (Unlucky star) feels bad for Kristina (Goldie's retriever) who was shocked as he'd improved so much. Middle of the board, looked to be safe, his voters all out partying. Ooh, don't go there with the dance off, Goldie, makes you look a little churlish. Seriously. Yes, you'd have been saved - but then Peter's fans will have spent their hard-earned for nothing! We pay to vote, we choose - that's fair. Some people are very forgetful of how it was pre Series 5! And how they had to change the semi finals in series 6 and 7 because of public outcry over series 5!

Craig (Revel-headed) the lean mean judging machine but on Saturday - Zipperdeedoodah! Why? They improved and there was good dancing. But doesn't like the judges desk being used, had to move his notebook! Surprised to see Goldie go, just proves the show not solely based on dance. Well, Duh. Peterin very staid, velcro stuck feet; Robsy, didn't think was capable then Bang! Gavya being discussed by him and Katya at the BBC bar over cupcakes (if we're paying for those, I want one.) Scattalie and he's releasing his inner self, finding his feminine side in a butch way. Widdyton made him "properly speechless in 900 years of Strictly" except for "Tip of the Mess" and "Catastrophic"! Jarina still not alive and thrilling, some chemical missing from the relationship.

Artara so happy with a 9! Kara (Getting Kara'd away) doesn't wish to dwell on the previous week's slip anymore; Artem (Artful Dancer) thrilled at judges loving his choreography. Well into the Bond character; he's Mr. Tough in training. An appreciation of his body *fans self* thanks Clauds. Aw, bless, he's blushing.

Jamela, revisiting the stumble and - when they can all stop laughing - Pamela (Psizzling psychologist) confesses, if she was going to go, it would be with a shimmy at the judges. James (Ladies Love Cool James) was convinced he wouldn't get there in time, surprised to see her still standing. It will be forever known as the Firecracker moment! Fabulous partnership.

Hip action end credits!


  1. I can't quite believe how many people are getting upset that the dance-off has gone!

    It seems to have escaped most of the complainers notice that the controversy experienced by the show only occured after the dance-off was introduced! The first 4 series were never like that, thus I think, proving that the audience is perfectly capable of getting it right.

    I'm thrilled it's gone, I was upset when they introduced it!

    Laughed so much at Jamela's interview with Claudia :o)

  2. I'm thrilled too - much much better feel about the show without it! It's properly 50/50 now.