Thursday, 28 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Giving it welly!

Tonight ... Artara, Len's dance clinic, Ian's midweek report, Mattiona.

On the sofa, Artara and Kara (Gr 8 scores) loved Charleston and was giving it her all but did think the music was slow and boring (I did say!) Artem (Russia's Next Top Torreador) agreed the music was a big factor but now knows of the required welliness. Going to Phanton of the Opera to look for the welly; Kara's dream to learn Paso.

Paso Doble Dance File: Story of the bullfight; Appels; Chasse Capes; Aggression. Man the matador; woman the cape, bull or flamenco dancer. Ian on the sofa: He prefers the paso, it's strong, masterful and masculine, like him! Jimavia is walking using his hips - a no no in a paso and needs to shape his arms; Gavya - not great cape usage, great for washing up; Widdyton - the steps are there, masterclass in paso basics; looks like she's trudging through mud!

Jive - Jamela, neat flicks and pivots, already complementing him with arms, an inner sense of posture, pretty hands and feet; Robsy - a good dance for her, similar character to Charleston, look at that, feet closed; knees together, love!

Viennese Waltz - Felicent, lovely spin, flexibility, acting, her eyes connecting with Vincent; Scattalie, brilliant free flowing movement but tends to tilt his head to the right towards Nat, must be upright.

Argentine Tango: Jarina doing a good job, decorations - AT needs to be connected at the top. Lots of finger fun with the graphics machine ...

Out of the Glitterball: Fortuna Forever (Wha-tever, says Vincent!) asks, if you could invent anything, what would it be? Len - a pair of dance shoes with a dial on the back - a cha cha, then twist the dial for a foxtrot; Vincent - my own dance, from the heart; James - a machine to make men's hair grow back; Felicity - a machine to blow up all the ammunition. Strictly Obsessive asks: What do you miss most when away from home? James - my wife; Felicity - her own pillows and sheets; Vincent - his bambino; Gavin - his well lit, confidence boosting mirror!

Len's Dance Clinic: To virgin dancer Bruce 42 - in Latin, learn the salsa first, slow it down and it's a rumba, add a step, it's cha cha! In ballroom, begin with the waltz. To Strictly Domino - tango is characteristically stalking walks, hence the knee flexing. To Dawn - the upper body produces the flamboyance, it's the melody to the legs rhythm. Demonstrates a flamboyant New York with our hostess - by George, Clauds has got it!

Mattiona take to the sofa, they had fun last week. Matt (On Cloud Nine) ecstatic with the score. Aliona (Ali-owner of the dance floor) mashed a number of ideas, the circus/42nd street theme was a bit random, evolved from Moulin Rouge! He nailed the expression this week, they loved the audience reaction to Bruno's 8! He'd got a unicycle for Xmas years ago, it broke the day before the show. Matt's not easily embarrassed, let's get him with a Blue Peter disco dancing clip, that'll do the trick. What very bendy legs you have, Mr. Baker! AT Giving him a full body workout.

End credits - graceful and well balanced people, not!

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