Friday, 22 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Friday Night Sparkle

Tonight ... Artara, Jimavia, pick-of-the-panel, studia crash.

Artara on the sofa, Kara (Cart-wheelie good) and Artem (Easy for you to say) were a little confused with their QS mark from Bruno, but feel it gives them room to grow. Tointon's Guide to ... taking things seriously, not! Artem has changed his mind on the Charleston, thought it crazy, now loves it.

Jimavia in the hot seat and Jimi (Mistry Bopper) said it's the first time they came in for constructive criticism, Flavia (Jimi'll Ca Catch her) thought rumba was a good one for him, natural rhythm, thinking of the posture did for him. He was out with Prince Harry last night, him and Goldie! Get you! Flavistry - the energy drink to give you a boost, overdoing it may lead to loss of control! They're over Moody Monday and Tearful Tuesday, by Wednesday it's wonderful.

The Friday Panel - Cheryl Ferguson (Waltzed in from Walford) Peter Andre (Defender of Dance) Craig (Revel with a Cause - telly went all funny, missed it, making up my own!)
Widdyton - A harness?? They jest, surely - but she promises something special before the dance begins! Moving round the floor, more finesse needed, the tango music ... Hernando's Hideway, is it? Jarina with another Bugsy song, We Coulda Been Everything That We Wanted To Be; Gavya is going to break them, looking better than it's ever looked, control, determination, the song - Toxic - fast, punchy, sharp; Scattalie really looking good, he's listening, moving around, much detail. His nickname is Nemo, according to Cheryl, goes fishing a lot! I know the music, but the title escapes - think it's most recently by the female violin group from Britain's Got Talent, whose name also escapes. Michelian has pulled her socks up and is looking really good - great song, Adamski/Seal, Killer. Dress is pink and bejewelled! Robsy a little sloppy, must be marking, don't freak out, perfect music - wish they'd tell us what it is!

Clauds on her way downstairs, celebs tell of relief when the music stops and then tensions builds again as they head over to the judges! She's there, with Tina, who reckons their charleston is camp; Pamela, who hates watching the others on a Friday, it messes with her head, and Gavin - who loves watcing all the others! It's Jamela to dance us out, brilliant start which descends into words and ends with Pamela doing press ups, lol!

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