Thursday, 21 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Double Pro Midweek Reports

Tonight ... Gavya, Mattiona, Robsy, the pro's pros check the midweek training - giving it straight, no mucking about!

Gavya agree that being left till last to find out you're safe was the worst thing ever. Gav (Scrum-ptious dancer) says it's a wake up call and this week has to be his dance! Tango - chances are good! And he was glad not to be kicked out in front of Peter Andre! Katya (Gavin's Prop) says Craig was harsh, he is improving and had nice lines, good movement and emotion. In response to Clauds nagging about competitiveness, she says it's actually all about the journey!

Tango training with Michael Stylianous and Lorna Lee - who are in pose, lol - these two trained the Jordans and Flavia and Vincent! Felicent - legs stiff, up on toes, weight too far back, drop the left, stretch to right; Scattalie needs lady on right, flex knees more but natural hold, nice free movement; Michelian - she's beautiful but heavy backed, hold up more; Jamela - good top look, kick sharp, she's capable, great potential; Widdyton, don't look at Anton all the time, doing very well. Top Tango Tips: Staccato, lady stay on right, flexing the knees into the floor.

Mattiona say 'yeah yeah yeah' (in a fun way) to the judges mixed comments - all they can do is enjoy themselves and entertain the audience to the best of their ability. Matt (Dancing Matt-ers) going to a new level, letting go of everything and being themselves, Aliona (Matt Vil do) loves the farm life, welcome to Mattiona's Dance Farm, where there's a chimpanzee stuck in the cupboard! Charleston this week - they're not holding back, dunno what Len'll say!

Charleston file - swivels, kicks, facial expressions, opposition limbs and entertainment! Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas take us through training. Jenny (Spinning Jenny) says there's a lot going on, need fluidity and Ryan (Flap-ease Artist) says the couples must get us involved. Jarina are back, need to use the floor, a little floppy; Jimavia - great energy, little flat footed and a hiphop move - kicks are wrong, more bicycle, less jivey. Artara - great facility, high kicks, swivels, great potential; Peterin - arms need work "throw not catch"; Robsy - doing really really well, got the character, work on opposition!

Phew, these pros tonight are tough - Clauds has been put in her place on more than one occassion!

Robsy are just going out and enjoying it, Patsy (Patsy'll do it) not worring about the technique so much, throwing herself in. Robin (Patsy's Ninth Wonder) pushing her harder now she has more training time. Before they perform Robin tells her to have fun; she tells him she's forgotten the routine! Their Charleston is full on and they're loving it, best time so far, a happy 'up' dance with a character - from The Great Gatsby. Big thank yous to everyone who's called in for them.

End credits - Frustration City.

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