Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Darren's Midweek Report

Tonight ... Paulla minus the Paul bit, Felicent, Darren's midweek report, Scattalie.

Ola (She's Ola-right) is accompanied by a magic hat and was very pleased with their scores on Saturday, was prepared to go home. Rumba next - Paul writes everything down and videos Ola doing his steps so he can practice at home! There may be a rabbit on Saturday!

Karen's quick guide to Quickstep - 20's foxtrot/charleston mix ... spin turns ... chasses ... lock steps. Who'll light up the dance floor this year? Darren (Has the low down) will tell all - ooh, a punditry machine!

Quicksteps: Widdyton has the steps, bring hips to Anton, create better posture; Peterin looks like he's saving a goal, we want nice hands, like a reindeer, fantastic back line, good movement; Mattiona, lots of very fast footwork, watch the gapping.

Rumbas: Jimavia's hip line needs to be over his feet, very nice; Brendelle beautiful shape, bring arms to the fore; Jamela , ooh, look at that walk, musicality, oh so together. Keep length through the neck. Firecracker moment! Clauds can't resist. Gavya has good feet, fantastic foot stretch, take it all the way up through the body.

Felicent on the sofa and Felicity (Felicity Ken-do-it) feels the foxtrot could have been better, has to obey orders more! Much happier with the comfortable snuggling up to Vincent. 'Feargal' asks, are you settling for polished and clean, not taking risks? Watch this week, says Vincent (Simone says) we asked for the show to be moved to after the watershed! Shut up and drive - she's not used to changing direction - marked her hands and wears different coloured shoes! But loving the rumba - and there's a diamond!

Out of the glitterball: Mystical 123 - what's your ideal day off? Jared- skydiving; Artem - motor racing; Jimi - horizontal, watching movies; Ann - what's a day off? Paul - boating; Anton - golf; Ola - duvet day with James; Vincent - motorcycling. xxxBeckyxx: What superhero power would you have? Katya, Erin and Aliona all want to be Invisible Woman; Artem - healing powers; Flavia and Robin both want to fly.

Scattalie - love the gurgles as he shimmies. And so masterful: "You're not going anywhere!" to Natalie and grabs her! Nat (Definitely not Lowe today) wanted to use as much of the stage as possible, hence the mezzanine. Scott (He's scott the moves) says putting in the hours gives him the confidence to go for it. The evolution of MAsleN. Well carried away in rehearsals, monkeying around - oh, it's a clue to their Quickstep song from Jungle Book! Whoop - looking forward even more to that then!

End credits, look away if of a nervous disposition - it's all hits, trips and falls!

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