Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Strictly It Takes Two: Choreography is King

Tonight ... Felicent, Goldina, Jamela and Karen Hardy's Choreography Corner x2!

Goldie (Going for Goldie) and Kristina (From Russia With Love) were disappointed with the judges - emphasis was on fun and entertainment, particularly with the ripples ...mmm ...er, sorry. Goldie surprisingly erudite in his assessment of the differences between amateurs and pro dancers. Movie montage - Metro Goldie Mayer: From Rihanoff With Love ... King Kong ... Rocky ... mieow! Foxtrot training, he feels like a sack of King Edwards.

Choreography Corner #1 That's one impressive CV Karen (Hardy Perrenial) has! Golden rules: 1. Use the music to the best of its ability 2. Use the strength of your celebrity 3. Entertain with and connect to, the audience. Fantastic weekend - loving the props, will lift choreography to another level. Matt - leading his lady, in week one! Felicity - showed off flexibility; Patsy kept safely in hold. Paul has clever Ola, using props, making him feel safe; Scott - raunchy, strong, dominant, different; Goldie should've stayed with Kristina. Pamela - stole the show, dancing in harmony out of hold, risky, brilliant.

And Pamela (Just what the doctor ordered) and James (Got her in the Pam of his hand) agree everything came together to make a great dance - even with Billy laughing at them in training. Brilliant attitude from Pam, James is bad again (but he's not really!) Salsa training and she's going for it, yay!

Choreography Corner #2 Friday a WOW and they did it again on Saturday. Ann - didn't disappoint; Tina - Jared came down to her level, needs to bring her up to his (Clauds: She's amazing, he's only 11!) Kara - full, competitive choreography; Gavin - clever, simple, nailing technique early days; Michelle - Brendan goes straight for the top, the mezzanine! Peter was nervous, petrified; Jimi - 110% movement, in Flavia's arms would be 100%, better.

Felicity (Life is good) and Vincent (Cha cha charmer) a bit concerned that they were out first (she called a taxi!) but not scared of the judges - they only said what Vincent had been saying all week! Training a concern - she can only count to 6!

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