Saturday, 30 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 5: Doble Trouble, Voile and Stubble

The Halloween Spooktacular begins with topless male dancers, including the de-lovely Matthew Cutler - who kept his on! *Not fair* They Paso Doble - Artem, James, Robin and Brendan with him. Dunno about setting the singer's soul on fire, they've done a pretty good job on mine *coughs*...

Is Tess in pleather? Be careful how you stand with that split, love! Make up team on overtime; Jimi, unrecogniseable, Fliss' dress I love.

Jamela's Devilgate Jive first - I am so loving the showbiz elements - jiving on the stairs, brave - couple of footwork errors but totally totally sold it, I was smiling at her smiling all through, great opening, full of energy and raw fun! Band were fabulous, even Dave getting in on it! Bruno's off already. Len: Solid, pivots fantastic, got in a pickle, high energy, well done; Alesha: Well done on jiving down the stairs, tad tippy toey - danced with conviction; Bruno: So much fun, messed up, not as sharp and clean as usual; Craig: great musicality, bit laboured. Score: 27 Bit harsh, I thought. Hope they're getting the viewer vote, because if everyone fulfills their potential tonight, they could be in trouble.

Jarina and Jared's being all sexy ... the pleather catsuit and the leather jacket - it's all a bit like ...Gothic Danny and Sandy, driving music, not completely convinced by sexy Tina, she could've been a bit more seductive. Nice end lift. Alesha: nice change, Argentine steps nice, still a little lukewarm, acting and role playing well done; Bruno: Oh, yes, you kinky kitten, you go very well with rubber, most focused *Assaults Alesha*; Craig: Gothic version of Olivia Newton John (Oi, that's my line! Scariest thing tonight, me and Craig, thinking alike!) More swivel and 'A' frame needed; Len: lifts were excellent, clean and precise, can see the dancer emerging. Score: 28

Artara with their Phantom of the Opera power paso, gorgeous routine, again very clean but you need that to get those beautiful shapes, intense. Bruno: Luscious drama, oozing with passion, brilliant dancing; Craig: I really loved it, finally had some passion, thank you; Len: A fire, fantastic, your best dance. Score: 37 - a 10 from Alesha!

Robsy and the Monster Mash - acting to the fore, not as bouncy or high energy but thoroughly enjoyable, well choreographed, very together proper jive. Craig: liked the tongue in cheek camp nature of the choreography, side by side stuff fantastic; Len: Liked it very much, sharp kicks and flicks, good balance; Alesha: hard work paid off, natural swing, great musicality; Bruno: I love it when you're camp, pitched it absolutely right. Score: 31

Felicent - aw, bless, little Luca, isn't he gorgeous? A costume ball up on the mezzanine, beautiful beginning and a classical feel to the VW, splits could be a little smoother. Len: Nice feeling of romance, better posture, footwork up the swanny, romantic and lovely; Alesha: Loved how you started, walk down the stairs lost me; Bruno: two strangers meeting, secret society, da Vinci Code; Craig: Beginning held great promise, drama, loved the back standing spin but unravelled on the floor. Score: 26

Jimavia with another MJ Paso (remember Matt and Flavia's?) Jimi a perfect scary zombie, began a bit funky but reined it in, great arms and aggression, scary eyes, maybe needed a little more movement around the floor. Alesha: eyes amazing, drama, passion, believable; Bruno: loved the flesh eating living dead, danced better; Craig: great storytelling, purpose, intent, shapes, fantastic; Len: Straight into character, loved the lift with the cape. Score: 30

Brendelle with their Time Warp jive - OMG - baldy Brendan - looks like Ted Danson as the vicar in Three Men and a Little Lady! Took a few liberties with the term 'jive' but brilliant entertainment anyway, bright and fun, full of energy - possibly they had to adjust the content to allow for the ankle. Bruno: What were you on, loved it, nothing to do with technique, performance demented; Craig: Lobotomised - in a good way, people with either love or hate - I loved it! Len: disappointed - caught up in Time Warp, lacking jive content *harsh words between Brendan and Len* Alesha: highly entertaining, both barking mad, well done. Score: 29 A crowd pleaser, but a better 'jive' than Jamela? No.

Gavya paso, Katya looks amazing, so does Gav. Bit posey but again, sparks of what he can do, much more fluid, great knee work, should've let him dance more and shed the gimmicks and less clothing. Craig: turns need finessing, hand shaping out of wack, lot of posturing - but finally, a hint of personality; Len: Working your assets, lots of work, kneelifts great; lacked a bit of passion, on way there; Alesha: Passionate, sexy, nice attempt, shaping looked wonderful, keep at it; Bruno: love it when you come out of your shell, beautiful lines, work on musicality. Score: 30 blatant push for the Welsh vote, Tess said it too!

Scattalie looking fabulous for their VW. I Put A Spell On You the song and they do - timing, I do love a bit of timing. Ethereal, the lighting, the song, the dancing, gorgeous, a proper unearthly quality - and no front row slime! Len: Great, spellbinding, fantastic; Alesha: hypnotised the whole room, magical; Bruno: Sssssscotttt! You bewitchy warlock, created dance magic. Score: 39 Yep.

Widdyton Wild Thing, genius! There's a hole in my cape, very staid until the throws, lift and drag, loving the Spanish hands while sitting ungainily on the floor. I can't stop laughing - in a good way. And again at the judges body language. And at Anton! Alesha: a humble entrance, try counting in your head, Anton dragging you round like a hoover; Bruno: I don't think I'll ever recover from that ending. Heavy (not as in: "Heavy, man"); Craig: O.M.G; Len: Bit like a motorway accident, you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself. Well done! Score: 16

Mattiona and I'm strangely fancying him in those Darcy-esque jodhpurs ... crikey, they're already on the floor! Bat Out of Hell makes for a very musical AT, passionate, he really gets into it and makes it so believeable for a non-actor. The band have really been awesome tonight, has to be said again. Bruno: Matt out of hell, super power, super dancing, incredible lifts; Craig: Little shaky in parts, messed some up but really dynamic; Len: focus, intensity, but the lifts should have the feeling of the dance; Alesha: sexy, hot, passionate, I shouldn't bang the desk that hard, I loved it. Score: 34

Altogether, a stunning show! All the elements of cracking Saturday night TV. Leaderboard:
Scattalie 39; Artara 37; Mattiona 34; Robsy 31; Jimavia 30; Brendelle 29; Jarina 28; Jamela 27; Felicent 26; Gavya 26; Widdyton 16. I confess I'm a little scared for Jamela, specially with the two below them tied on points - Gavya and Widdyton haven't been in the bottom two - it sounds horrible, but I have to hope Felicent and Jarina aren't as popular as Jamela. Till the morrow folks!


  1. Oops Scatty, have to admit I'm sort of hoping Jamela is less popular as I haven't really taken to that pair.

    Jimi was seriously freaking me out with those eyes! Eek!

    Have to say I did think Scott was the best of the night - really excellent VW. Matt was definitely the sexiest though ;o)

    Didn't Matt Cutler look positively pasty next to the other male pros? Did to me anyway - sexy, but pale ;o)

  2. That would be why he kept the vest on then - couldn't have had time for the fake bake!