Saturday, 9 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 2: The Big One!

Love the rusching on Tess' dress. I had curtains like that once. Dresses of the night: Felicity and Aliona, both stunning.

Mattiona first out for their foxtrot ... crikey, we thought Scattalie's waltz was raunchy, that's the most tango-esque fiesty foxtrot I've ever seen! *Phew* Follow that, everyone else! Len: You're getting on my wick - not supposed to dance that well in week 2! Over emphasized the heels, toe nearly stuck Aliona's bottom. Great start; Alesha - sexiest foxtrot I've ever seen; Bruno: Passion, relentlessly intense courtship: I'm going to get her; Craig: Sharp, clean, timing and frame, ludicrous heel leads. Score: 31

Peterin salsa, great attitude in training - Mambo No.5, great song. Had a good go but a bit too static. Len: We saw fun and chemistry, brave attempt; Alesha: A lot more confident, you enjoyed it; Bruno: The animal still firmly in the cage; Craig - stompy, wooden, lacked hip action. Score: 17
Jarina foxtrot, good move to take her out, lovely start to Sunny Side of the Street, stately and elegant, a bit too 'proper' maybe? Alesha: Graceful, delicate and charming, grow a little more confidence; Bruno: A little princess, so much better when relaxed; Craig: Timing out a little, lots to like, underarm turns fantastic; Len: Performance very good, lovely when apart, work on frame, enjoyed. Score: 26

Robsy salsa on only three hours training. OMG! Canned Heat a fab choice and a bloody good effort, she really went for it! Well done Patsy! Bruno: Spiced up, killer pout, the way to go, Len nearly fainted! Craig: Took ownership of the space, fantastic, full of rhythm; Len: Nearly had me eye out, commanded the floor, so much better; Alesha: A different woman, attacked it, about letting go and having fun. Score: 28 - a 7 from Craig!

Paulla foxtrot - love that Ola's learnt his catchphrases! Nice timing in the opening, think he went wrong early doors though, which put him off, it didn't appeal as much as last week; he's putting earplugs in for the judges! Bruno: Some sections actually not bad - why can't you do it properly all the way through it? "Because I can't remember it!" Craig: Admire your honesty, so much better than last week; Len: An ease about it, appealing, a tad pedestrian; Alesha: Ballroom suits you, there's more to come. Score: 21

Scattalie salsa to Let's Hear It For The Boy - coo, leap down those stairs - he's dirty dancing - hey, I liked that, very showy in a stage showy kinda way! Len: Go on my son, great hips, energy, really good; Alesha: Energy, pizazz, equally as good in Latin and ballroom; Bruno: Scott - strong, tight, footloose, eyeing the prey - you're gonna get it! Craig: Flame grilled and red hot, seriously hot! Score: 32

Brendelle foxtrot - Kelly Rowland pops in to perk Michelle up. Bench alert (borrowed from So You Think You Can Dance?) Brendan side slides his way down the banister, very cool! It Had To Be You the song and it's another wonderfully presented Brendan foxtrot, floaty and elegant. Alesha: quite charming, very god effort; Bruno: Beautiful and elegant, small slip; Craig: A lot of hard work and effort, I commend you; Len: Far superior to last week, body contact, lyrical, nice movement around the floor. Score: 26

Goldina foxtrot - a snazzy one! Nice movement around the floor, love the ending, cool cat leaping*(See Craig for the techy terms!) Bruno: I liked the beginning and end, free jazzy feel; Craig: weight a little too far back, interpretation fantastic, loved the *double click heel into the soda burst turn?!* Alesha: Your own little Goldie swagger. Score: 26

Jamela salsa and the Doc's in control, even if James doesn't know it! James on the couch (Judges table! The song Dr.Beat!) Loving the play acting - major armography going on, fantastic energy and rhythm - even with the slight unbalanced moment - she actually laughed as she carried on. Terrific! Craig: Off like a firecracker, fantastic rhythm, claimed the floor again; Len: Confidence and diversity, coped brilliantly; Alesha: Your body moved effortlessly, had everything I expect from a salsa; Bruno: Stumble apart -rhythm and fluidity - best salsa of the night. Score: 32

Felicent foxtrot, nice touches, well acted, demure, needs to be more lyrical. Len: Everything ok, but all needs improvement; Alesha: Coped well, bit average; Bruno: Classy, unhurried, stately; Craig: foxtrot/tangoness, lovely back attitude turn and swivels. Very well done. Score: 25

Here it is - the Widdyton salsa! "A jolly hockey sticks stomp" to Mambo Italiano - love her attitude. Anton's ripped his shirt off ... Ann's buttoned it back up, lol! Brilliantly hysterical, what a good sport, nearly did the splits by accident. Alesha: Highly entertaining; Bruno: unique and compelling, an out of body experience, watchable; Craig: "Oh, don't bother," says Ann, "you haven't got a zero." And he's cracked, he's cracked. There isn't one word in the English language that could describe ... and now he's speechless! Len: Bit hokey-cokey, legs in and out but no shaking it all about, wonderful entertainment. Score: 12 Boo! But she's probably the safest any safe contestant could be!

Artara foxtrot to From Russia With Love, another tango influenced foxtrot, beautifully controlled, lovely movement; Bruno: Mission Accomplished, Mr Bond, sophisticated elegance; Craig: Danced very, very well, sort top line, relax your left index finger, darling (Picky much! Len's face, lol) Len: You wonder why I get cranky! You did a heel turn, beautiful! Alesha: a fine dancer, stunning routine. Kara's unguarded words will be lost on younger viewers, luckily! Although there may be awkward "What did she mean?" questions to mums and dads! Score: 32

Gavya salsa - there's a bit of attitude but could've done with less throwing Katya about and more trying to dance, there was potential there, sometimes rhythmic, not even the shirt ripping could save it. Craig: No timing, rhythm or hips; Len: Have a bit of decorum! Everyone's expectations were high - didn't live up to it; Alesha: Disappointed; Bruno: Self conscious and hesitant. Score: 19 Tess thanks them on behalf of the nation's ladies.

Jimavia foxtrot - Flavia using a cane on him! Enjoying it far too much. Another moody foxtrot, to Fever, timing excellent, lyrical, a little bit funky at the start! Len: It grew on me more and more to a higher score; Alesha: Loved you throughout, sexy foxtrot; Bruno: Took off with real pizazz, well played; Craig: Dramatic intensity, adored, leading well, clever - danced all the little accents. Score: 30

And they're all done! Scoreboard: Jamela 63; Mattiona 62; Artara 62; Scattalie 61; Jimavia 56; Jarina 50; Robsy 50; Brendelle 50; Felicent 48; Gavya 47; Goldina 46; Peterin 38; Paulla 37; Widdyton 29. My faves tonight - Mattiona, Jamela, Scattalie, Robsy and Jimavia. But I'm concerned for some, as the draws mean there aren't many points between them - I'm pretty sure Widdyton will be safe! Till the morrow then, 7.30pm, BBC One!


  1. Seemed to be an abundance of Tango like Foxtrots last night, but thought the dancing was a really high quality :o)

    Thought a row of 7's for Patsy was a bit ludicrus though! Great energy and i'm glad she has found some confidence, but her feet were stompy and her arms were dreadful! :o/

    Matt is definitely shaping up to be my favourite - liking the rugged look, hubba hubba! ;o)

    Can't wait to see the prodance. have it on good authority it's a quickstep as quickstep and paso are next weeks dances. :o)

  2. I thought Patsy could've been a bit more elegant, but really glad she just went for it - showed great rhythm too :)