Friday, 1 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 1 - Sprinkled With Fairy Dust!

And I'm already loving the opening credits and flashy new set! The audience on the left just got an eyeful of Tess they weren't expecting though! Tina looks like she's stepped out of a music box, Pamela's frock is simply lovely, Felicity looks stunning and Katya's lost the demure look she had last year and gone a bit slutty!

Felicent out first then for a Cha Cha to Sunny. Sexy Fliss, modest Vincent, it's fab stuff, she's a bit stiff, but for week one, it's confident, cheeky and they've a lovely partnership. Not for the first time tonight, Brucie's making me chuckle! Len: assurety, confidence; Alesha: right amount of sex kitten, really good; Bruno: good balance of sexiness and cheekiness; Craig: flat-footed ... liked the storytelling, cleanliness of the routine was spot on. Score: 23

Scattalie next. HyperScott and SuperNat with a stunningly choreographed sexy waltz, strewth! Would have liked to see Scott smile though. Len: Hold, movement, posture - all good. Tad on the raunchy side, very well done; Alesha: Hot, spicy, moved around effortlessly; Bruno: Assurance of a true leading man, frisson of sexuality running through; Craig: Puppet hands ... dangerously romantic. Score: 29

Goldina with the obvious joke from Brucie, but still made me laugh! Cha Cha to Tik Tok. Bit nervy, needs to stop larking about in training. Not polished but fun, didn't impress as much as I thought he would. Alesha: Fun, a bit disco, put the work in; Bruno: Too loose, needs to be more tight and technical (and he's up, copying the ripples!) No, not those sort. Craig: Awkward, unshaped hands, dodgy arm placement - liked the sycopated time move; Len: Hardly a shrinking violet, great rhythm. Bruno's up again ... Score: 20.

Robsy, the not very confident Patsy with the man to change all that. In a waltz to When I Need You she coped well with the speed, just behind a couple of times, needs to relax. Lovely choreography from Robin. Bruno: Relax, enjoy it, trust your partner; Craig: No body contact, upper line not good, learn to spot; Len: Great potential; Alesha: You look beautiful, work on breathing. Score: 22

Mattiona and a cha cha to Ain't No Mountain High Enough and he shows exactly why he's the bookies favourite - are they flik flaks onto the floor?? Total WOW factor, I loved it - a right proper show off but very sweet! Totally unfair on the others of course, but so what! Plenty of oomph, not shy, totally into it! Craig (stern face): You sir, are one to watch! Len: Best cha cha of the night; Alesha: So impressed, loved the costumes; Bruno: Brilliant, well done. Score: 31

Jamela with a beautiful, traditionally romantic waltz to If I Ain't Got You. Typically classy James stamped all over it; Pamela carried away, lost in the moment. Everything about it so, so gorgeous. And fantastic timing! I want that dress. Alesha: Breathtaking, gorgeous energy, wonderful; Bruno: Graceful, fluid, radiant; Craig: dreamy, romantic; Len: fantastic impression. Score: 31

Paulla - here we go with the first catchphrase joke! A cha cha to what else, but 'Could It Be Magic and I love that he's singing all the way through! I'm smiling, very sweet and lovely - and watch those feet, I said he had nimble feet - very light! He'll have won a lot of fans with that. Bruno: *unfair bit* but funny; Craig: Best part was the magic box ... best move on before I get technical; Len: sprinkled with fairy dust, light and dainty, it's entertainment; Alesha: well done for coming out and giving it a go. Score: 16

Phew! I'd say Robsy and Goldina are the ones in danger; Mattiona and Jamela would have got my votes; Paulla would be safe! Thought Len would comment on all the mucking about at the start of the dances but no - the Dancing With The Stars influence, I like. An engrossing first show - I've proof: a stone cold cuppa! Second part 6pm tomorrow, don't be late!


  1. I was hoping Matt would be good as he's was one of my 'one's to support'. Pleasantly suprised at his lack of inhibition. If he can keep going for it like that we could have a great dancer on our hands - loving the hip action! ;o)

    Thought they were quite hard on Felicity, but then she was out first, so they had nothing to compare to. Thought her Chacha was quite good :o)

  2. Yes, Matt not afraid to get hold of her was he! Agree with you re comments to Felicity :-)