Sunday, 3 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing, Week 1, Part Two: Topsy Turvy

Eh? Brucie just nicked my line from last night!

Jimivia with a cha cha and he's fab, love the movement and rhythm, a bit too jiggly but Flav's having the time of her life; she'll have him polished for next week. Len: Came out, high energy, great rhythm, fabulous; Alesha: Performed it, energy, enthusiasm, bit wobbly; Bruno: Can sell it; Craig: Like scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz ... great isolations, technique and rhythm, great energy, fantastic. Score: 26

Peterin with their waltz, a nice start, tensed a little bit but stayed with it, good effort. I didn't like the move where Erin dived between his legs though, not very elegant in a waltz. Alesha: Rocky start, smiled throughout, well done; Bruno: Great relief when you finished, wobbly; Craig: All too cautious, potholish; Len: Adequate standard for week one, footwork good, movement round the floor. (Final) Score: 21 Sorry, couldn't resist it ...

Brendelle - she's a bit of a nutter isn't she? Cha Cha suits her personality, though it's all gangly arms and legs, she's singing along, full of fun, completely mad and completely out of control - she just tried to snog Brucie, lol! Bruno: Like dancing on stilts ... have to control limbs; Craig: Off balance, knees flexed, disappointed (Brendan's letting him off this week!) Len: Fatal combination - long legs, short skirt, bad technique; Alesha: I love you Michelle, character, full of life, energy, you put on a show. Score: 24

Gavya and demure Katya is back with us again - and what a lovely surprise this waltz is, warm and romantic, fluid - rise and fall, excellent effort and lovely song. Craig: Simple and effective, brave and good attempt; Len: Better than good, footwork good, created rise and fall; Alesha: Diamond in the rough, pleasantly surprised, genuine, heartfelt; Bruno: Thought you'd be awful, really went for it the correct way. Score: 28

Jarina have a confident start to their cha cha but nerves got to her and she fluffed it, a real shame. Also, the routine lacked content I thought. And that dress is awful. A shame because training showed her to be lyrical and rhythmic. Len: I liked it but lost energy, push her more; Alesha: Cute as a bottom, didn't blow me away, chin up; Bruno: If you go wrong, carry on; Craig: Timing and rhythm, leg and hip action all there but uneventful. Score: 24

The Widdyton Waltz, realistic but determined - and this shows perfectly why they don't have to be technically great for us to be entertained - Ann enjoyed herself immensely, which meant we did too! Alesha: A lot of love in the studio for you, a wonderful job Anton; Bruno: Like watching the Ark Royal taking on the stormiest sea and making it to port; Craig (The Submarine, quips Ann!) A bit local authority - you got through it. (Ann: If you think that's bad, you should see the salsa!) Len: Anticipation ... a wonderful job, entertainment throughout. Score: 17

Artara's cha cha is technically very good, great recovery from the wardrobe malfunction, the sleazy aspect/leopard print didn't do much for me, if I'm honest, thought they tried too hard. Bruno: Meiow, Catwoman, come and take me; Craig: Fabulous, controlled, clean and precise; Len; Came back strong, great job; Alesha: So hot together, best dance of the night. Score: 30

Robbie and Gary sing about Toys R Us ... actually, it's kind of growing on me, they're like a mini modern Brit RatPack.

The overall leaderboard: Mattiona and Jamela 31; Artara 30; Scattalie 29; Gavya 28; Jimivia 26; Brendelle and Jarina 24; Felicent 23; Robsy 22; Peterin 21; Goldina 20; Widdyton 17; Paulla 16.

Faves tonight were Gavya (which I wasn't expecting!) and Jimivia, the girls didn't impress like I thought they would! Salsa and foxtrot next week will shake things up nicely! Until then, It Takes Two is back from Monday!


  1. One week in and I'm already excited for the next show! :o)

    Favs right now are Matt, Felicity, Kara and Ann. Impressive recovery from her mishap shows, I think, that Kara's got a good head for live performance and could do really well. Thought they were a little hard on Peter to be honest.

    Not impressed with Michelle, needs to lose the attitude - the audience won't like it. And having been watching 71 Degress North on another channel Gavin is just to smug and full of himself for me.

    Can't say I'm all that keen on the over use of props that seems to be going on. Bit gimmicky, just stick to the dancing people!

    Will be interesting to see how the board changes next week when the ballroom couples do latin and the latin couples do ballroom - can't wait! :o)

  2. I'm purposefully ignoring all outside influences - hard when you're bombarded with google alerts for it, but trying my best! Can't wait for next week, should make a close board even closer!

  3. Oh dear, oh dear - my excitability has lead to the purchase of Strictly tour tickets again. That'll make 4 out of 4 for me :o)

    Just off to see Buble - wish me luck in my quest for a cuddle Scatty! And watch the local news tonight in case I'm featured he he ;o)

  4. He's already been with Holly Willoughby today Foxy, so go easy on him!