Saturday, 16 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Seven-th Heaven!

Slight controversy tonight, as 'seven' seemed to be the most popular individual score, regardless of the dance - Patsy and Peter's scoring the same as Matt's and Kara's by some judges. And Alesha seemed to have mislaid the rest of her paddles for most of them!

Artara hit the floor first and it's WoW, what a rocker - stunning start, pure power and energy all through, what an opening quickstep! Band were fab! Len: An excellent performance throughout, clean of foot, good movement; Alesha: Liked the modern twist, so confident; Bruno: Pacey and lively; Craig: A cartwheel in heels, know how tough that is, have done it myself! Score: 31 Bruno booed for a 7! Possibly would have scored higher had it been later in the show.

Felicent rumba - that back bend - splits - arabesque -back bend, lovely mirror back bend move to finish! She's very bendy! Len: Hip action, chemistry, flexibility, your best dance; Alesha: Oozing sex appeal, very tender, blown me away; Bruno: Didn't know you could be so bendy; Craig: Forward and back basic very good, back bend ama-ZING! Impressive. Score: 29

Robsy slightly misfire at the start, but better once in hold and she goes for it again, a happy dance, well done Patsy. Bruno: Keep your confidance, a quickstep from the Wild Wild West; Craig: Yes it was Ye Ha and hoe down, too fast; Len: The quantity of steps was there, very ambitious routine, came out with confidence; Alesha: Good effort, a charm about it, don't beat yourself up. Score: 24

Paulla rumba, bless, he did his homework. Magical beginning, funny spin, utterly charming storytelling, they're so sweet, it warrants an "Awww."Craig: Armography blocky, spent the time ogling Ola (didn't all the blokes, say Brucie; Len: I did! Paul: I did really well!) Len: Parts were magical, parts were comical, parts were diabolical - whole thing entertaining; Alesha: So sweet, really trying, want more; Bruno: Ola and the giant pepper pot! Score: 16

Mattiona feeling the pressure, it's another full on rocky QS but he's not his usual smiley self, I think they went slightly wrong? but it was still a wow, lots of spectacular diamond moments. Alesha: little bit serious at times; Bruno: Brilliant timing, complicated choreography, relax, you can do it; Craig: kept up brilliantly, mainstained frame, brilliant; Len: I admire you, a little bit manic, too full on , needed some calmness, don't need all the gimmicks, just come out and perform. Score: 31 Len booed for a 7 - never thought we'd see the day!

Gavya rumba: Katya says "I'm thinking sexy thoughts" Gav replies "Good for you". Much better than last week, some nice movement, I've seen a lot worse. Len: really gave it a good shot; Alesha: Nicely done, a big improvement, go for it - your bum looks great in those trousers! Bruno: Driving me crazy, I think you can do it, the turn into drop smooth and beautful, you have the ability, have to break through; Craig: My floorboards at home have more movement, get your mind, body and soul into it. Score: 22

Scattalie and the much anticipated QS to King of the Swingers and I'm not disappointed, fantastic timing and musicality from the pair of them, loved it. And easily best song of the night! Bruno: Ssssscott, action packed adventure of a QS, great story telling and technique, choreography superb; Craig: Agreed, I relax and feel at ease when you take to the floor, assured, swing and sway; Len: You are very close to being a very good dancer; Alesha great song, great outfit, musicality incredible, your dance. Score: 34.

Brendelle rumba. Come On Michelle! Better arms, nice spins, still a little fragile looking, good effort. Alesha: Storytelling and chemistry believeable, sensitivity, well done (nice one Alesha, for buoying up her confidence); Bruno: Well played, good lines and extensions (Bruno's doing it too) Craig: hit some really nice lines , need to move through more (Et tu, Craig?) Len: Lines and chemistry very good, needs a bit more authority, reduce heel size maybe? Score: 24. She stills seems a bit crestfallen though, but they were encouraging comments - chin up, love!

Peterin for their QS, he looks very debonair, easily his best so far, some nice footwork, much more comfortable; Alesha: very comfortable, massive improvement; Bruno: improved, some timing issues, comfortable; Craig: Erin, you have been drilling, tentative, can improve on swing and sway but did very very well; Len: A proper quickstep, nice hold and posture, if bottom two, I'll show my bum in Tescos! Score: 26.

Jimavia, he's a bubble about to burst! Ooh, he's looking all moody. Gorgeous song, Ain't No Sunshine, great support for Flavia, something funky going on there, a little jerky in places - trying a bit too hard, nice synchronised finish. Len: Parts I liked, neat feet but soft legs; Alesha: chemistry, loving the partnership; Bruno: lost fluidity, pushed it; Craig: A curious nature to your shoulders, less is more in this instance. Score: 25.

Widdyton, the runaway train QS, lol. Get Anton, all top hat and cane, Putting on the Ritz - didn't she do well! She gave it a proper go, lots of steps, just stuffed the end a bit! Bruno: Twirling around like Flora the red menace - it looked like a QS; Craig *list of faults* You did at least dance! Len: Have to lean to the left! I can tell you worked very hard; Alesha: So many more steps than last week (Ann - that wouldn't be difficult!) Score: 18 Ann tells Tess - You do go on, don't you?!

Jamela, she's aiming to shut James up about the trip - she does, beautiful lines, hip action, chemistry, it was all there to a fab song - she's so into it, even closes her eyes at one point. Craig: Fab-U-Lous; Len: Good technique, chemistry, musicality, so beautiful and poignant, why spoil it with the aeroplane; Alesha: So romantic, genuinely touched, born to dance; Bruno: You sang with your body, every movement, on it completely satisfying at every level! Score: 35 - As with Mattiona, Len marked down for the move he felt detracted from the performance.

Jamela 35
Scattalie 34
Mattiona 31
Artara 31
Felicent 29
Peterin 26
Jimavia 25
Brendelle 24
Robsy 24
Gavya 22
Widdyton 18
Paulla 16

Till the morrow! 7.30pm, BBC One.


  1. Ironically I was discussing the scoring by text with friends watching the show and we agreed the scoring was distinctly dodgy tonight.

    I mean 2 7's for Michelle's Rumba - are you joking?! I feel sorry for her that she's having such a hard time, but her technique is all over the shop and her arms are truly awful!

    No way did Matt deserve a 7 from Len, and 5's for Patsy?! What the hell happened?

    Hope the judges sort it out soon :o/

  2. And it could come back to haunt them - the closer the bottom of the board, the more at risk the top lot are!