Monday, 25 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 4

Strictly Pros to open with a super swinging jive to In The Mood and Rock This Joint. Men in uniform, Matthew Cutler choreographed. ‘Nuff said.

Judges view and recap; Len’s starting to fancy Ann; Bruno and Craig duet on I’m A Survivor; Love Bruce telling off Bruno for that 8!

Here we go #1: Safe – Gavya! Scattalie; Mattiona; Jarina; Robsy. Bottom Two: Michelian.

Strictly Pro #2 Gotan Project. Argentine Tango. Stunning.

Here we go #2: Safe – Widdyton! Jamela; Artara; Felicent. Bottom Two: Peterin – Jimavia safe, phew!

Neil Diamond prolongs their agony with Midnight Train To Georgia, properly live. Pop stars please note. Kristina and Robin accompany with some beautiful lifts.

The Moment of Truth: Peterin are out – no arguments there, he was the weakest this week.

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