Sunday, 17 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth, Week 3

The Strictly Pros open the show with a bright and cheeky Charleston; Happy Feet indeed - a Karen Bruce choreography creation. And I have to say - James and Ola really stood out for me. It's that or the tango next week for our lot!

Recap - judges view: five or six potential winners.

Here we go #1: Safe - Widdyton! Jamela, whoop! Peterin; Robsy *major shocked face again, lol*. Advice for Ann from Craig "Dance better!" And Len, re Peter: "Shoppers of Britain are relieved!"

A Flavia production - Tango Unleashed. Spectacular; she's got Robin, James, Arten and Vincent in vests and her the only girl, in bondage. She's not daft, is she?!

Ann's just told off Clauds now, even though they're wearing matching tops!

Here we go #2: Safe - Jimavia; Mattiona, yay! Artara. Bottom Two - Paulla! Aw.
Alesha understands how they're all feeling - petrified! Bruno says Jimi's Mistry is solved - overdid it.

Paul says he's better qualified than most to go - don't give up yet!

Peter Andre sings Defender, quite a hip hoppy r'n'b vibe going on, I like! And the dancers are excellent.

Here we go #3: Safe - Scattalie *Phew* Felicent! Bottom Two - Brendelle; Gavya safely through.

The Moment of Truth: Paulla! Ooh, the audience just got serious ...

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