Sunday, 10 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: The Moment of Truth

And no-one wants to be the first to leave ... judges happy, pressure off. Recap ... this will be tough.

Here we go #1: Safe - Robsy, her face=pure shock! Brendelle; Jamela - woo! Jimavia, yay! In the bottom two: Peterin, unsurprising. How do the judges feel? Bruno says the standard is so high, competition is fierce; Len was concerned for Patsy - now she can cast off the shackles of inhibition for the quickstep or rumba next week. Peter surprised to be in the bottom two, but that's being an optimist for you.

Strictly showdancers show off a gorgeous, classic quickstep to a contemporary song.

Here we go #2: Safe - Jarina; Scattalie, whoop! Gavya; Mattiona, Yay! And now, we wait! Craig says Gav needs to believe he can do the Latin. Alesha say if we lose a great dancer because there's no dance off, she'll miss them but it's a public show and they should have the final say.

Robbie Williams sings Rock DJ and shows off his dad dancing skills; they simply have to get him on the show, he clearly loves it. Did he borrow those trousers from MC Hammer?

The ballroom bug, strictlyitis - they've all been struck down with it, big time.

Here we go #3: Safe - Felicent; Artara; Paulla. The Bottom Two: Goldina, which means Widdyton are safe. But we knew that! Goldina versus Peterin - leaving tonight are ... Goldina! Not a major shock, not enough time for him to impact, when the less skilled are either so funny or an England footballing legend.

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