Sunday, 24 October 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Flapping Tangotastic!

Who’s that girl? It’s Patsy, in a Liza Minelli wig; she looks fab! Can’t say much for the dresses, there wasn’t much to them – Natalie’s tango dress was gorgeous – but screamed floaty foxtrot to me!

Jimavia out first, for my fave Charleston of the night, to Do Your Thing – and they did, had a blast, fantastic opener, cheeky, bright, fun, full on musicality, brilliant I loved it, just what you want in a Charleston, making full use of the window props. Len: Full on, went for it, great entertainment, not quite with the swivels, didn’t like the windows; Alesha: full of energy, lively; Bruno: character driven, full on, lost timing; Craig: *few technical things* energy, facial expressions, story, fabulous! Score: 27 the curse of going first, unfortunately, will need the votes.

Ssssscattalie, aw bless, his son, suffering the embarrassment! His timing is excellent, the musicality even in the walking start. Dramatic, intense. Len: Best dance I’ve seen this series; Alesha: Full of intent, the way you lead is superb. You mean business; Bruno: Ssssssscottttttt. Masterful, arrogance, slick and stealthy, from power and passion to romance; Craig: Strong and dynamic, great use of the floor, handled the gear change. Score: 35

Jarina with a Charleston tune from Bugsy Malone, lots of lovely jazz hands, slower and steadier but great movement from Tina. Alesha: Threw yourself into it, springy, cheeky and quirky, your best so far; Bruno: Cute little flapper, needs slightly more energy; Craig: Loved the double progressive cartwheel, character driven, altogether fantastic; Len: Together, sweetness about it, fun, entertaining. Score: 29

Felicent – who knew bananas and apples could be dance aids? Loving the opening choreography of their tango (she got the right leg!) Some brilliant moves, magical tango, cheeky Fliss snogged Vincent at the end! Bruno: Oooooooo, Fe-li-ci-ty, I’m not gonna give to ‘im, I’m not and then smackeroony! Craig: Lonely woman drinking, being seduced by short hairy Italian, great story! Loving the floor spin, gorgeous; Len: I liked the strumpet story with oily Italian, the opening beautifully choreographed and danced – good job, well done; Alesha: seductive temptress, loving the chemistry, some beautiful moments. Score: 29 Splits her signature move now; been wanting to do the tango all her life!

Robsy with a thoroughly enjoyable Charleston, kudos to her being on her own for a lot of it, got into character, lost a little energy towards the end but clearly having a great time. Craig: amazing start, bit sluggish toward the end; Len a thoroughbred this week, full on, entertaining performance from beginning to end; Alesha: loving the look, some moves nailed, having a good time is what it’s all about; Bruno: Look gorgeous, most true to form Charleston. Score: 28

Gavya talking the talk, can he walk the tango walk? Some nifty footwork, bit hit and miss, the fall on the steps put him off I think. Shame, I was looking forward to a strong performance. Len: Posture good, flexed knees, body contact; Alesha: Not bad, vulnerable, believe in yourself more; Bruno: there are some moments when everything comes together, then it crumbles; Craig: Facial expression, need to show some sign of aggression. Score: 23

Peterin and a visit from Gary Lineker – they just have to get him on the show, they have to! Charleston to Cabaret, great lifts but he was following Erin, timing out, Erin did all the work there. Alesha: So sweet, massive timing issue; Bruno: A penguin stuck in the mud; Craig: Glad you had a good time; Len: More comfortable in hold doing proper dancing. Score: 17

Jamela *Ouch* Billy’s picking up tips from James on how to “deal” with Pamela! Love is the Drug an excellent song choice for their tango, superb timing, passionate, kept the intent all the way through, stunning. Bruno: Like Catwoman, playing with a mouse, so musical; Craig: clean, precise, attack, style; Len: Right out there, good technique, consistent; Alesha; on fire, strong, feline. Score: 34.

Mattiona. Nice ‘tache. Unicycling to start, now he’s just showing off! 42nd Street and Phew! Another brilliant performance, full on, acrobatics, musicality, cheeky, loved it! Craig: Not perfect, a timing issue but I loved it; Len: Best Charleston so far; Alesha: Loved the routine, transported to another age; Bruno: Physical theatre, showmanship amazing. Score: 35 Bruno being booed for an 8!

Michelian, with an unexpected treat in the shape of a typically wonderful Ian Waite tango. Still a little soft, but her best yet, especially under the circumstances. Alesha: full of a character and intent, getting into stride; Bruno: Much stronger; Craig: balance a problem, definitely your thing, so much better; Len: Comfortable, bit in and out, but overall coped very, very well. Score: 27

Artara with probably the most technically proficient Charleston, her arm and leg work is fantastic – could have done with a better known song to engage the audience more, it didn’t have the same impact as, say, Jimavia. Bruno: Jazz hot baby, Cotton Club feel; Craig: Adored all the Josephine Baker references; Len: Competent, lacked a bit of impact; Alesha: footwork incredible. Score: 32.

Widdyton introduce us to a third style of tango – the Widdyton Tango. 60 seconds to lift off! What an entry, she’s looking at him a bit saucy like – Anton twirling while the harness comes off and then, they tango, complete with rose and shoving! Before Craig can get a word in, Ann quips: “They’ve de-commissioned the Ark Royal, try The Flying Fortress!" Craig: Dancing hippos, the beginning light and surreal, then you landed; Len: Seeing Ann descent in a truss worth 50% of the licence fee, lot of basic steps, nice foot placement, swivels; Alesha: Taking Strictly Come Dancing to a whole new level, I love you; Bruno: Truly out of this world, was it a bird, was it a plane – no, it was Starship Widdecombe! Score: 21. Best so far – and turns out she’s scared of heights!

Scattalie/Mattiona: 35; Jamela: 34; Artara: 32; Jarina: 29; Felicent: 29; Robsy: 28; Jimavia: 27; Michelian: 27; Gavya: 23; Widdyton: 21; Peterin: 17
If the viewer vote for the bottom three is as strong as we think, this could be a shock week!


  1. I have a feeling it'll be two of the bottom people actually Scatty. Peter is going to need a lot of votes since he's already been in the bottom two once!

    Matt was robbed off of solo top spot for me! Scott definitely has skill and personality, but I think he's a little overrated at this point. Also think they overmarked Pamela last night. Her kicks need a bit more oomph and the routine wasn't the high standard we've seen previously.

    Kara was probably technically the best of the night, but her dance lacked the tone of the Charleston - the best one for that was probably Jimi's! Flavia needs to tone down the coreography if they're going to get into the upper part of the leaderboard for me.

    Team Widdebeke was genius, pure genius. Love it! Lol :o)

  2. It's only going to be closer now - we know Michele hasn't got a bigger vote than widdy and gav, but who else are they beating! *bites nails*