Sunday, 3 October 2010

STOP PRESS: X-Factor Twist

Apparently, the big twist is that four wildcards will be introduced at the start of next week's show - Cheryl was spotted in Treyc's home town, so it appears she may be in after all. Fingers crossed for Paije and Yuli!


  1. It's got nothing to do with the x-factor Scatty, but just wanted to announce that he looked at me! Buble looked right at me! Woooooo

    Thought I was going to faint - he came down the floor aisle and looked me right in the eye! He's so good looking up close.......unfortunately I think I had the look of a stunned goldfish! Nevermind eh :o)

  2. LOL, I can imagine - a girl at work was there too, and just as taken with him! I need to go next time :)