Friday, 29 October 2010

Snippets: Dancing With The Stars, Strictly Come Dancing,

Apologies for the lack of posting - I've been on my holiday! And the internet connection was dreadful (I couldn't justify to my family spending many fruitless hours outside the cottage, trying to get connected!) This week's It Takes Two will appear over the weekend (before this post and before the main show rundown!) *crosses fingers*

So here to be going on with, are Trav's Thoughts on Dancing With The Stars, the main show and the results.

And Strictly Come Dancing aren't going with the whole badly-kept secret then launch show when it comes to the Christmas Special - you may have seen this on the feed over there>>>> John Barrowman is the first celebrity confirmed!

It looks as though Gavin Henson has taken a tip from 71 Degrees North presenter, Gethin Jones, and hired an acting coach for Strictly Come Dancing! Well, why not - it worked for Gethin!

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