Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dancing With The Stars

Trav's Thoughts are in, the show this week had a TV music theme tune!

The results are here!

And naturally, it set me thinking - what British TV shows could provide dance music to Strictly? And will they begin to introduce themes like their American counterpart?

The only one that sprang to mind was Double Deckers for a cha cha (Billy's doing Cuban Breaks!) Get Peter Firth there, recognise him - Harry from Spooks! I'm sure they'll be plenty more - Foxy, this'll be right up your street! Oh, here's another - Banana Splits - jive!


  1. I think the TV Themes mostly worked. There were a couple of questionable combinations of music and dance style, but on the whole it was a good week.

  2. It's all good fun - I like them mixing it up :)