Sunday, 5 September 2010

X-Factor Rundown

Evans Twins - turned the volume down; Bejon - actually better than Jedward ;) Twem's personalities and presence on stage not matched by vocal. Oh, dear Cheryl and Louis put them through. *Sighs* Storm Lee Gardner is going to be either excellent or really really bad ... mm, middling, but could he be miming? Ok, second song is more convincing.

Good girl Ruth-Ann, liking her cheekiness! John Adeleye - lovely bloke, lovely voice, wow - even only hearing so few notes; Elesha - now why can't we hear more of these three?

Liam from 2008, I remember him now - Simon has put him off a bit, doesn't look happy with the song choice ... but no, a standation for a mature performance!

Patti *my ears have just exploded*; Chad wants to be the next Buble. I think not. High St.Boys - that would be the 'cross-the-tracks end of the high street; Scott is a wannabe Elton John. But he's a more of a Welsby; Brenda: no, that's a man sodding about.

Cher is different, great presence ... the judges are in love, so are the audience - excellent audition!

Keri Arrindell great, missed the boys name; Wagner is fun; Justin, fresh from Rivendell; excited man through; Treyc - oh, please put her through again this year - she should have made it onto the live show last year; Oh, god - it's Vicky Pollard in duplicate - Ablisa ... the audience are booing, lol - and they're off. Unfortunately, they came back: Simon just slit his wrists - Lisa asked who Natalie was, right, and then, like Abbey hit her yeah, but no, like then they wuz separated backstage right and - did I switch over to Eastenders by mistake or sumfin or whatever?

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