Sunday, 12 September 2010

X-Factor Rundown: Louis, my hero???

If ever there was a show to test my patience, this was it. When you think of all the crap they do put through, Simon, Cheryl and Pixie Lott (who I just saw on the Heroes concert and was bloody shocking, quite frankly) have the nerve to say 'No' to two of the best vocals I've heard, because they "don't get it". It was down to Louis to save the day. Yes, Louis, the man who brought us Jedward, gave both lads a chance and managed to get them through. Unless it was all a set up, of course, which, if those lads weren't in on it, was downright cruel.

Right, rant over. Cash the flash. I've got a bad feeling about this. He's attempting Neyo. Uh-oh. Stunned silence. Diana's coming out and gets sent straight back in. Vivian? *EEK* Dominic *LMAO* Wicked Witch, no. Rob, 55 I like him - he's fun, was in tune and had lots of energy!

A mystery girl, will we ever know? Oh, it's a yes. And onto 16 year old Tom - finally, someone who wants it so badly he's actually bothered to have singing lessons. Sings The Script beautifully, not afraid to use the stage but for the vocal should have stayed still. Simon doesn't like it and makes him sing again - This is the Moment, from Jekyll and Hide, he's got a fabulous voice and Simon doesn't like that either! Jeez, like it makes any difference when they get to the live shows and are given such crap songs by their mentors ...sorry, lapsing into rant again ... he stops him just as he's going to build into the big moment. And says no. And then Pixie Lott, who, while I agree he'd be fantastic in the West End, also says no to this wonderful voice! Thankfully, the audience force her to change her mind. *Phew* See what you think:

Bun'nd'cheese and 'Listen' and er, no, I don't think we will - but they didn't bother anyway - unrehearsed much? And such an attitude! Nicolo Fester. Modest bloke. Different, not sure I could listen for long. F.Y.D potential, Raquel Thomas - Oh. Yes. Should be leaving Maccy D's soon. A few we don't dwell on but sounding good, plus Jo, the equine dentist who's made her nan cry.

And then we come to Paije, an R'n'B Frank Sinatra, raw, likin' this, ooh, scatting - and then Simon stops him????? Louis arranges for him to come back later - Simon normally gives them a chance to sing something else, which is why it all seemed so staged, Louis clearing off after Paije. He does come back and this time ...

...what part of his voice didn't they get first time around? Jeez. Good to hear him on this though, awesome. Passion, timing, a standation from the audience.

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