Tuesday, 21 September 2010

X-Factor Run Down

Chloe Victoria's eyelashes mesmerised me, but sadly not her voice. Acapella she's got something but can't see her coping with the variety ... hate is probably too strong a word but she was a bit on the annoying side. Yuli Minguel, on the other hand, had everything on her side, not least the audience! Full of confidence, great vocal, total natural. Liking her a lot!

Hazel Jackson. Jeez, where's a big red buzzer when you need one? Aiden Grimshaw - how cool? Like a modern Elvis Presley, proper passionate, feeling the song. Rachel Chu - I tried to resist switching off ... I failed.

Rebecca Ferguson. Now, don't ruin the sophisticated look by snivelling, jeez, you ain't the only single mum ... voice better be worth it ... and it sooo is! Unique, like a love child of Billie Holliday and Nina Simone, needs more confidence but way to go Rebecca. Nicole is so right, so is Simon. Major likeability - Leona Mark 2 anyone?

Damien Devine *rolls eyes* close your mouth Louis, the flys are on their way; Tobias Sumpton very strong vocal, needs to uncross his arms though.

Harry Styles, brave, singing Steve Wonder, does brilliantly, suited his voice, will be interesting to hear something completely different though. Diva Fever - is it just me or does the one on our right look like a young Jim Carrey. Both decent voices, got the audience on their feet!

Richard Thomas tried too hard and lost the musicality, nice voice, bit unprepared, tried to wing it, can hear the pub/club voice in there.

Marlon Mackenzie has a fantastic attitude and the voice to match, terrific original version of Ain't No Sunshine, power and passion, one to watch!

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