Sunday, 26 September 2010

X-Factor Run Down - Boot Camp!

I was out last night, so I'm youtubing like mad and ITV Player is still useless - can't get past the bloomin' advert breaks ... will give you what I've got!

Four categories, one song for each: The boys with Man in the Mirror; girls with If I Were A Boy; groups with Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and the over 25s with Poker Face. They really dislike the oldies, don't they? Simon admits, none of the judges want them!

Over 25s struggle, as expected - but come on - Lady Gaga! Some show their potential regardless, seems a no-brainer who'll be going through from this category. The groups we simply don't see/hear enough; the boys is always a tough group - Tobias pitched in too high - but then, every year, those I feel are the best never make it through to the live show.

So onto those I found: Matt Cardle, pick of the bunch from last night. Pitched it perfectly, lovely audition, impressed me more than the first time I saw his face ... oh, you knew it would happen!

Harry Styles didn't have the same impact as the first time round; Stephen, John Wilding, Carl and Kerry I can't find at all; TreyC Cohen deserves a shot after missing out last year. And I've found no vids of the groups at bootcamp!

Cher Lloyd - brave song choice and very, very different, proper performance, loved it. Well done, Cher.

Chloe Victoria needs to leave it for proper singers with proper attitudes. Liam Payne is maybe a bit too smooth; Tom Richards goes for it big time and he can move too; Simon impressed with the boot camp dance challenge. Storm Lee surprises me, wasn't expecting to like much, but that may be cos he needs wardrobe attention.

Katie Waisal, another how wants to just be famous *tuts* good song choice, think she'll struggle overall though; Diva Fever - just stop talking, just stop ... ok, stop singing and talk again ... Elfman, Justin - didn't hear enough; Twem chose a good song and sounded sort of ok, from the little bit I saw, but I know they can't sing ... long haired man whose name I missed again but with that likeability factor ...

Aiden Grimshaw - another unique one, I like him. The fact he's so into the music is good enough, I don't need him to make eye contact with me, I get it.

Annastacia and Elesha don't work for me, not lyrical enough. Husstle, full of energy and commitment, hard working.

Rebecca Ferguson chose Corinne Bailey Rae and is possibly too different for the X-Factor, needs original material. Interpreting standards in the live show should be interesting, if she makes it. Personally, I think a major label should just sign her up now.

Nicolo has a nice quality to his voice when singing softly, less so when loud! Paije still has the passion; Jo Beetlestone not dynamic enough; John Adeleye is a Yes from me, as is Raquel Thomas; Mary Byrne is intense.

Gamu is so natural, gorgeous voice, she just sings, no frills, doesn't have to work at it. Aw, bless, Louis is crying.

There's now 32 going through to judges homes, instead of 24 - the Overs 25s have bcome the over 28s and 8 acts through in each category.

The girls: Katie; Raquel; Kerry; Treyc; Annastacia; Rebecca; Cher; Gamu.

The boys: John; Nicolo; Paije; Aiden; Marlon; Carl; Matt; Tom.

The Over 28's: Stephen; Yuli; Storm; Wang?; Justin; John; Mary. A.N. Other??

Groups: Twen; The Reason; Diva Fever; FYB; Princes and Rogues; Husstle. Only 6?

So Harry and Liam didn't make it through ... or did they? Of course, they're making up a boys and a girls groups with the left over individuals, including Harry and Liam, who they feel deserve another shot. It worked well last year, so why not!

And who's getting who?

Dannii - the boys; Cheryl - the girls; Simon - the groups and Louis is left with the Over 28s!

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