Thursday, 30 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing - First Impressions!

I trust you've all found the Strictly Come Dancing feed over there >>>> and have been checking out the training videos! It's got to be said, there are some talented individuals, lots of natural rhythm on show, plenty of elegant waltzes going on and some cheeky, fun cha chas - and all so likeable. It's fair to say, I'm gagging for it!

There'll be many who'll assume it will be Ann or Paul to go first, being possibly the least technically proficient at the moment - but we know that means nothing! Paul actually has pretty nifty feet! And Ann - well, she's Ann! As a combo, her and Anton will make a big impression, one way or another! Goldie and Jimi are a-wiggling; Matt has hands the judges will fawn over - as an ex-gymnast, he knows how to finish his lines! Gavin needs to relax; Scott very smooooth; Patsy and Pamela both looking elegant and comfortable; Peter as steady and dependable as he was for England. Kara, Michelle and Tina will be vying for the title of Latino Queen - although I think it'll be Michelle's personality that will win her more votes than her dancing. And once Felicity has nailed that routine, she just might nick that title from them!

9pm tomorrow, BBC 1 is the place to be - have you decided who'll get your vote already or will you wait and see them dance?

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