Saturday, 11 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing: Counting Down!

Here's the trailer to keep you going for the next couple of hours!

And in response to this story - well, see my comment. It's my one gripe (that, and the two couple final) about Strictly. I would like to have gone on Wednesday but didn't bother applying for tickets because of the 'maybe I will, maybe I won't' get in scenario. I'm sure that 99% of people being allocated only two tickets and guaranteed entry would go or easily find someone else to go instead. And there's the timescale too (only receiving tickets a few days before) - if you're coming from a long way away and have to stay the night, you need to book a hotel. In London. In the run-up to Christmas. With no guaranteed entry. How much does that little jaunt cost you? For nothing? So how about allocating the tickets, guaranteeing those with a ticket get in - those that don't turn up, well, I bet there are people who hang about outside on the offchance. At least you can then resort to less staff!


  1. There have been a few horror stories from people who felt they weren't treated very well at the live shows too, so to be honest I'd rather just watch it at home anyway. Plus, new Merlin tonight straight after :o)

    Not even the news that they're relaxing the rules and allowing lifts in the standard latin and ballroom dances (surely will only lead to people going for the wow factor and ignoring the main dance devises of the routines!?) can dampen my excitement.

    Though that's probably helped by the fact that I interviewed for a job thursday and amazingly got it! Everything always looks better when you're in good spirits :o)

  2. Yay you - congrats - you've made it out of the basement!

    Where was that news about relaxing the rules for the lifts - that's the first I've heard of it!? I'd better give you the password for the blog ...