Sunday, 5 September 2010

Strictly Come Dancing Axe the Dance Off!

And here's the official press release confirming it! Three cheers for whoever made that decision: we hadn't got it wrong in the first four series, it's nice to have the power back! Yes, there will be shock eliminations - but there were still shock eliminations with the dance off!

Confirmation also, that it will be Tess and Claudia presenting the Sunday results show, so yippee to that too - they made a great team last series, when Brucie was unwell. A pro dance will replace the dance off in the half hour results show.

Week One proper will begin on Friday 1st October and Saturday 2nd, with no results show until after the following weekend, so hopefully that means the format adopted last year, where all contestants are able to perform both a ballroom and a Latin before the first elimination, will be in force again this year - but I think I'll send a tweet @bbcstrictly see if I can find out for sure!


  1. yes that's right - viewers will get the chance to see everyone before making voting decisions this year

  2. Thank god they seem to be listening to us at last! Only took what.....3 or 4 series of us shouting "STOP CHANGING EVERYTHING YOU DINGBATS!" to make them see the light eh ;o)

    Looking forward to this series more and more now - the changes should be for the better. Been gearing myself up to get back on the boards. Though to be honest, I'm not sure I can put up with it again. Last couple of years has been like a permanent come down on the live shows.

  3. I won't make it to the BBC boards, just too time consuming - will probably butt in on DS occasionally to register my support for someone! But yes, there'll be a lot of negativity when someone good goes out in the public vote!