Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, Glee, Don't Stop Believing, Step Up 3D,

New Strictly Come Dancing Pro, Robin Windsor fancies Alesha - more importantly, he has some words of support for her.

According to William Hill, Jessica Ennis and Rebecca Adlington have expressed an interest in Strictly - but after seeing what happened to Jade, I doubt we'll see them before they've retired.

Zandra Rhodes will do Strictly - but not just yet! Wardrobe must be rubbing their hands with glee!

Talking of Glee, Matthew Morrison is apparently going to shave his lovely curly locks (if you're a fan) or "Your hair looks so much like a briar patch that I’m expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop out and start singing songs about the bayou"(if you're Sue Sylvester!) although a casting call has gone out for a double to do it on camera - having said that, it's been shorn in that accompanying picture.

Step Up 3D has premiered - these are some of the cast having fun on the red carpet, and here's a review.

Don't Stop Believing has lost viewers since it began - the age old issue I'm afraid - billing something as the search for the 'best' and then allowing sentimentality into it, plus introducing the judges as the stars instead of the competitors. Dale Diva are making the most of it though. Behind the scenes with Anastacia.

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