Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing; Dancing on Ice, Dancing With The Stars

An article about one of Strictly Come Dancing's unsung heroes - Lance Ellington. Craig Revel Horwood will once again be playing a pantomime villain.

And I find this rather strange - Harry Potter has nabbed the Elstree Studio where Dancing on Ice is filmed? So Elstree just completely leave in the lurch a company that have been filming there the last five years? Did someone not check the diary or did Hermione manage to charm a receptionist? Or could it be someone is exaggerating? Hm, unheard of, I know.

And Trav is already excited - the line up of celebrities for the new series of Dancing With The Stars has been released - check these out: David Hasselhoff, Michael Bolton, Jennifer Grey, Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, R&B singer Brandy and more!


  1. Oh I am soooooooo going to have to check out youtube for the clips of the Hoff!! He is going to be pure genius, I can feel it! Lol :o)

  2. I am soooooo ready! Pretty soon they'll announce the pro partnerships and then soon it will be premier night!

  3. Looks like they're doing the same with us this year - announcing the celebs and then pairing them up on the red carpet!