Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Snippets: Flawless, Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing on Ice, Glee,

A California Chronicle feature on Flawless and their Chase the Dream show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The worlds of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice collide, with the bombshell that now-former professional Matthew Cutler has been signed for the ITV extravaganza ... did I really just say all that? Please bear in mind - last year there were 47 rumoured celebrities on Dancing on Ice before the final 12 were unveiled. I'm just sayin'. Robbie Williams' friend, TV presenter/singer Jonathan Wilkes is also rumoured.

Glee were the big winners at the TCA awards ... and the rumoured celebrity list of who will feature next season (Susan Boyle, Paul McCartney and more) reads longer than Dancing on Ice and Strictly combined!


  1. Mum texted me at work to tell me and to be honest I can't see it. Seems like one of the more unlikely rumours to me......though I would love to see Matt in some tight sequined outfits don't get me wrong! ;o)

  2. Wouldn't we all *coughs* you did see the topless Matt shot on here somewhere, didn't you?!

    I'd have thought he'll be performing dancing gigs and mayn't want to risk injury, that's why I'm thinking it unlikely :)

  3. Of course I did Scatty, I'm not daft! ;o)