Saturday, 21 August 2010

It's Started! The X-Factor Cometh.

No running commentary for this - how can I, when we only hear 1% of what the judges see? So, briefly:

Stephen - No; Diva Features - Bye; George - Cheerio; Emedy - Oh. God. Please. Stop; Gamu - potential (she says, cautiously) Has the look. Healthy ambition. Walking on Sunshine?! Oh, Yes! Original. Cool. Nice one! Thank the Lord!

Three we don't hear because we have a 'Geri Won't Stop Talking' sketch. G&S. Oh, get off. Him. Not her, she doesn't sound too bad ... in comparison with him. Maybe with an injection of confidence. Lynn - Yes, nice quality; Mark - Yes.

Jahm. Good grief. Note the many audience members with heads in hands covering ears. No, you cannot do another *warning: deludeds about*; Dice/Electralytes/Ladybird mostly harmonious on the three notes we heard;

Katie aka Madonna, circa 1984, she's getting on my nerves already. At Last? No - We Are the Champions? Yuck. At Last is better, marginally, but only cos she's practised it. A Lot. Will struggle. Shermina - Mercy. Yes, please, give us mercy. Mercifully, 3 years olds aren't sentient enough to be embarrassed.


  1. Thanks x love Electralytes

  2. You're welcome - hope we get to hear more of you at boot camp x