Sunday, 1 August 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week Three

Proud Mary is the song of choice for the intro, mashing into Ain't No Mountain High Enough and it all began with some lovely harmonies before descending into the high energy shouting job again. *rolls eyes*

First out, Swish and what a beautiful voice Anthony has, singing Angels in musical theatre style, please don't let them - oh, here we go, up a notch for Let Me Entertain You, and though I'm annoyed to not be listening to Anthony still - the rest of the vocalists nowhere near his standard - it is actually entertaining! Well done. Duncan was entertained and loved the contrast; Anastacia cared for it; Tamsin said it was the best opening to a show; Chucky says Jake took over, nailed the pirouettes.

Jacobs Street includes mum and dad, and it's a slower beat thankfully and although probably the cheesiest act I've seen so far, it's quite sweet! Nice set, loved the drummer boys and the whole audience clapping along! Chucky and Anastacia loved what they stood for, but not the performance; Duncan says they did well with what they had; Tamsin also loved the family aspect. But they didn't really like it, too Brady Bunch!

The Bridgwater Show Choir started very brightly, singing Fascination - but the vocals went when they split into boys and girls, pretty disappointing as it seemed they were going to really hit it. Tamsin was unaffected; Duncan said it was slick, professional and too well rehearsed; Chucky repeated 'too well rehearsed' in a 'too well rehearsed???' kind of way and praised their partnering; Anastacia too, felt some of the vocals were off.

Love Soul Choir - oh, listen to them - please let them sing, please let them sing ... please ... Shackles and there's energy without going ballistic - at last, a whole song actually sung, collectively very strong. Anastacia gives a standation and says they've saved her, vocal beauty; Tamsin says a beautiful mix of voices, rich; the dancing didn't blow Chucky away but he thought they gave it 100%; Duncan says vocally the best, absolutely brilliant.

Original Talent with a terrific mash up of Crazy (Gnarls Barclay) and Billie Jean, I loved the opening, strong vocal, very visual, brilliant mixing in with a beat box and breakdancer - just thought the vocal dipped a bit at one time, but other than that, excellent. I actually agreed with the judges on this one! Chucky says they brought everything to the table; Anastacia thought it well balanced; Duncan says it was a great mix; Tamsin loved it and wants to see it again!

Dale Diva sing my most hated song of all time, badly - she's nervous - The Power of Love - it's not their fault - thank God, they've gone into Single Ladies ... and everyone's whooping along, great effort, good movement, terrific vocal and energy. Duncan says it was brilliant, an entertaining performance; Chucky says Beyonce should hire them; Anastacia says they should be proud, sounded like one instrument; Tamsin called them all the funky ladies and says that that is a show choir!

A one hundred percent improvement on last week's show - this is a toughie - none of them perfect but all entertaining and able to actually sing it out. Could be anyone from four -don't think Jacobs Creek, sorry, Street - *puts the glass down* or Bridgwater will take it.

The Supergroup mash up Don't Rain On My Parade and Umbrella, some good vocals, some not so hot ... yes, Duncan would like to hear the vocals too, so wants a power ballad next week and Anastacia wants more men up there. Sounds like a good plan to me.

The phone lines are closed! Second and third are: Swish; Original Talent - ooh, now that is a toughie, similar acts both enjoyed by the judges. Straight through go: Dale Diva!

Swish could nick it because of their individual vocalists, but I felt for overall performance it should be Original Talent - it's two each (Duncan and Anastacia for Swish; Chucky and Tamsin for Original Talent) - back to the public vote - it's Swish! Well done to them but a real shame for the Essex group - I hope Original Talent don't give up - tighten up the vocals a bit and go for Britain's Got Talent guys!

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