Sunday, 8 August 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week Four

Shine, the best group opening to the show so far - all strong vocally and quality of movement, musical and smooth.

Out first, The Songtimers sing Michael Jackson and vocally it's excellent, it's a well put together tight and entertaining routine. Well done. Tamsin calls it passionate, energetic, fantastic; Chucky felt the electricity and energy but not the soul; Duncan says the vocals were brilliant and precise; Anastacia thought the pairing beautiful.

Fusion Theatre show how to do uptempo and still keep to the tune, with Walking on Sunshine. It's bright and fun, energetic and cheerful but some of the vocals aren't as strong as you'd have hoped. Duncan liked that so many had individual spots; Anastacia says they're not vocally mature yet but will get there; Chucky liked the hi-energy, says they have a likeability factor, need to interact more; Tamsin enjoyed it, told them to embrace their moment.

Power Play totally lived up to their name, performing Bat Out of Hell with drama and passion - loved the choreography and lead vocal Simon is superb. Stunning - and I'm not a rock music fan. Anastacia cared for it, Simon's voice, energy and command of the divas; Tamsin said he's made for the West End, dramatic, best so far; Chucky: So Rock Star Ready! I've been waiting for that; Duncan felt the power, definitely strongest so far.

Sorority re-produce Kylie's showgirl vibe and it's feisty and sassy with lots of attitude, loved the harmonizing. Anastacia loved the Kylie mash up, thought the harmonies really nice; Duncan called them poor man's Las Vegas showgirls! *Oooh, handbags* Tamsin doesn't know what he was watching or hearing, she loved the whole concept; Chucky not so keen.

Musicality do justice energy wise to Plan B's Begging, it's the opposite of cheesy, cool but not too cool! Overall, very good, not so sure about a couple of the vocalists, liked the whole feel of it. This is another tough night - week two was ridiculously weak compared to weeks 3 and 4. Chucky like the well rehearsed choreography and sharp energy; Tamsin said the level of acting drew her in, slick, classy; Anastacia thought Laura's voice very nice, strong unity; Duncan called it believable, passionate and committed.

MT4Uth with an extremely original interpretation of Feelin' Good - they're in straightjackets, almost! Brave, tidy, theatrical - I loved it. Chucky felt the personality, story and theatrics, more than just a song; Tamsin called it performance art; Anastacia said it was full, fabulous, creepy and great; Duncan liked that they took a chance on weird and wonderful.

Well now, the last two weeks have really picked up - this show was much more what I was expecting - not a bad performance out there tonight, a real toughie. I think overall I'd like to see Power Play and MT4Uth make it through. But again, I won't be be hugely disappointed with any of the others.

Another five in the supergroup, with a power ballad mash up this week. There's a lot of individuals though, obviously, so the harmonies aren't always that good. Some of the dancing is a bit dire too.

Here we go, who's singing again? It's ...MT4Uth and Fusion Theatre. Straight through is - Songtimers!

Chucky admits to being perplexed by the results! MT4Uth out first and again so visual, so musical. Fusion Theatre try to pinch it but it's not going too happen, the individual vocals are weak.

Anastacia chooses MT4Uth; Duncan goes with Fusion?? Tamsin sticks with brave, creative MT4Uth - Chucky makes the decision - it's MT4Uth.


  1. thank you for the paragraph you wrote about us i am a part of powerplay and we really enjoyed the experience and were really greatful of the judges comments and we were glad that they enjoyed our performance xxx

  2. Hi Sophie, lovely to hear from you :)

    I thought you were excellent, so I hope we see you again on something like Britain's Got Talent!