Sunday, 15 August 2010

Don't Stop Believing: Week Five and The Wild Cards

Six new groups compete for the final place and will be joined by one of the five wild cards - big decision for the judges later!

I liked the mash-up of the tracks to open - but I've learned not to judge the acts by it!

Elements first - and it's a fairly predictable accountants Nine to Five routine, tempered by Walk This Way. Collectively quite nice, but the lead vocal not special. Tamsin says it had humour, choreography could be sharper; Anastacia is part of the office, harmonies nice but lead shaky; Duncan I missed because I was interrupted by a child - think he liked overall; Chucky says it was fun to watch.

Cherish have never prformed in public before ... but you wouldn't know it, lots of energy, they had a blast, vocals not the strongest, attitude, great acting skills, they went for it, well done! Not as polished as others understandably. Tamsin says they did well but not the strongest vocally, fun, expressive, faces told a story; Anastacia didn't want to be negative, tells them to enjoy what they do; Duncan told them to use the experience and learn from it; Chucky said the choreography told a story.

Toneacity are the opposite of Cherish, all trained performers. Vocally much stronger, seasoned pros but ... lacking the fun! Too slick for me, with a song that didn't grab me. They hit the tone for Anastacia, she said it was an amazing blend, wonderful; Duncan respects them keeping going; Chucky said it was well executed, very precise but it didn't grab him either; Tamsin agrees some of the best vocals but found it a bit cruise ship - in a good way!

TCC next, making the most of their Welshness with some pretty harmonizing in Every Breath You Take but the boys have an 80s Miami Vice thing going on with costume, there isn't much in the way of choreography - safe is the word I was looking for, thanks Duncan, who said it was well done but safe; Anastacia was confused but said it was a great performance; Chucky was doing a Bruno, up in his seat telling them to make him clap! They didn't get to Tamsin.

Funky Little Choir worked hard, bless, with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, bit disjointed, not vocally strong (they're not used to dancing) flat in places, a good try but sorry guys. Anastacia agreed it's hard to sing George Michael; Chucky says a good job, don't be afraid to up the crazy factor; Tamsin tells them to be proud, they had fun; Duncan gave respect to Sam with Cerebral Palsy.

TrueDynamix were. Dynamic, I mean - loved the vocals, all strong, choreography was sassily performed and full of attitude and energy - what is it with Vogue that brings out the best in boys dancing? Had to write when they finished because I didn't want to miss anything! Anastacia cared for IT - insane vocals; Chucky loved the hairography, by fair the best tonight; Tamsin and Duncan agree and urge us to vote for them.

I'd like to see TrueDynamix through - not so fussed about the others. And who knows how the public vote will go, judging by it so far! Sarah Harding appears to be joining the supergroup, what's all that about? They're doing a tango! Very stylised but for me this supergroup has never really hit top speed, vocally it's just not that exciting and I found that as steamy as a closed up sauna.

Here we go: Singing again to impress the judges are ... Cherish - I thought that might happen! And Funky Little Choir! Straight through then - TrueDynamix! Crikey, they're loud ...

Cherish rocked it out, better than the first time, vocally stronger there! Unlike Funky Little Choir - I did actually cringe - but who knows where the judges are at? Chucky - Cherish; Anastacia - Cherish; Tamsin - Cherish *Phew* Well done girls! Duncan also would have gone for Cherish.

The wild cards are back now: Dice do it again - stunning delivery in every area - vocals, dancing, energy; Swish with the angel voiced lead singer Anthony, can they keep the choreography tight? Lots of energy but collectively not as strong in both areas; MT4Uth and their strong, vocally and visually, dramatic Feelin' Good - different could nick it - how is this the wild card section - this feels like be the final! Singlive do what they do very well, but for me it's a straight fight. Cherish have been already of course - who will the judges put through? It's ...... they're split between two or three ...oooh er, there's dissent in the judges .... it's ... Swish? Ok, but apart from Anthony, really, Dice and MT4Uth must be pretty gutted. So much for the all singing, all dancing group - Dice really had the lot out of every one I've seen. Some decidedly not strong enough acts in the final. Roll on the final week!

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