Sunday, 22 August 2010

Don't Stop Believing: The Final!

A lively yet musical start with Crazy in Love and Just Dance, they kept to the musical arrangements of both and all looked and sounded good!

First out, last week's wild card choices, Swish, with the stunningly voiced Anthony and Bieberesque Jake. Here we go ... wow - fantastic start to the show, proving the judges made a great decision last week, even if I disagreed! A jazzy, charleston flavoured version of Locomotion and a full of energy Shout - and, proving that Anthony is not alone - well supported by other, excellent, vocalists. Duncan said all the girls did their bit - I agree, they were all fab; Anastacia said they were awesome; Tamsin said they showed substance and depth as a group; Chucky said they'll be hard to get out of his head when he returns to the States.

Songtimers next and they've gone for a slowie, Empire State of Mind. I like what they've tried to do to bring more emotion into it - but it was the jazz hands that got you through before, guys; Vocally it just wasn't strong enough, even if the performance overall was pleasing. Chucky said they proved they can pull of depth and feeling, could've been cleaner; Tamsin said it wasn't the most dynamic but vast improvement; Anastacia wasn't crazy about the pitchy and sharp vocals; Duncan said they captured the essence of Chicago.

Have I said how much I like Emma's dress?

Singer Station will be interesting, because I'm a hard hearted biatch and I want to hear people in tune - individually not good on Starmaker, collectively better. Sweet. Although the balloons out of the suitcase might just tip me over the edge. The judges have made the rudimentary error of telling them they won't win (Tamsin) it didn't move Chucky like before; Duncan advices that whilst not the strongest act, they have confidence and personality; Anastacia tells them not to take the criticism the wrong way.

True Dynamix are once again, very dynamic, beginning with Please Don't Stop The Music and a very slick move into Everybody Dance Now - hi energy in a good way, vocally at the start it could have been stronger but a strong finish. Anastacia called them a bundle of energy; Chucky was proved wrong in thinking they wouldn't do that well; Tamsin called them slick, professional and said they know how to work it; Duncan said they're the strongest dancers in the competition.

Three Spires hit by troubles but lead vocalist Sammy makes it for One Night Only. I'm not that keen, nothing spectacular in the choreography, the arrangement not that special. I'm a bit disappointed, I was expecting more. Anastacia was surprised at the song choice; Tamsin said they relied on Sammy too much, - with her off form, they should have shared out the vocals; Chucky said Sammy was rock star ready but no-one else; Duncan agreed.

Dale Diva to finish off and they're doing the Streisand/Summer No More Tears. There are so many of them it sounds impressive, although I fancy I hear some a bit weaker. There's a STOP! and a line from Hot Stuff. Fun, but not for me. Duncan called them Divalicious; Anastacia said they put the capital D in Diva; they made Tamsin smile; Chucky was pleased they had the same energy as before.

Personally, it's Swish all the way for me.

Probably my favourite performance by the supergroup, with September and Sway, more harmonious and some terrific dancing from most of them. The lines are frozen, top two will sing again after another break. Yes, another one. Happily, it gives me a chance to check on the roast.

The two top acts to sing again are: Swish. Yay! Dale Diva also through. Open those phone lines again, why don't you? Thanks!

So it's back to the original performances ... and who's it gonna be? I've a feeling the Divas will take it but maybe the public will prove me wrong? Who would the judges go for? Chucky and Tamsin - Swish; Duncan happy with either, so is Anastacia. Oh, we're going for some highlights of the series. Dice, Power Play, Original Talent, MT4uth - hope they carry on.

And here we go: Iiiiiiiiiiit's ... Dale Diva! Congratulations!

Which, ok, their leading lady was big on personality and made them a lot of friends, and they were entertaining in a nice way. But for a show based on Glee and the whole show choir thing, it would have been nice for an all singing, all dancing show choir to have won, as opposed to just a choir. I'm just sayin' cos I feel a little cheated ... but hey, the prize is a recording contract so - maybe they'll re-think it a bit for next year?

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