Thursday, 22 July 2010

Snippets: Strictly Come Dancing, Glee, Got To Dance

More rumours for Strictly - Frank Bruno, Jennifer Metcalfe (Hollyoaks) and the Masterchef guys, John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

The Got To Dance audition dates have been announced - time for you to apply!

Glee writers have been dropping hints about Series 2!

And sorry to end on a sad note - but there was a message from Cutest Blog on the Block this morning to say my blog background will disappear and I have to choose a new one! Devastated doesn't descibe how I feel, I love my background, it's the prettiest one I've come across! So just to warn you, because I don't know what else is out there, I may take the opportunity to change the look completely, so bear with me if things become a little erratic in the next couple of weeks!


  1. Why aren't you allowed to kep the background we all know and love Scatty? I always thought it was really pretty.

    Not exactly the a-list celebs they were promising heading for strictly if the rumours are true is it lol :o)

    Sorry i've been a bit quiet - work has been mental these last few months, I really need a holiday!

  2. Hello, thought you must be away on your holidays! At least you've got it to look forward to :)

    All may be well - apparently the background will be available but just under a different code, it's something to do with them exceeding their bandwidth on photobucket. I've had to amend it slightly but hopefully it'll be back in a couple of days!

    It's funny, who they can get for Strictly - just the first heat of Masterchef had who I think are bigger celebs! The problem is time I think - having to commit 3 months means they're only ever going to get ex-soapsters etc, successful peeps still working can't commit!

  3. True, true sadly. Though if Top Gear can suddenly get Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz then I'm still crossing my fingers for a strictly line up that includes Hugh Jackman, Michael Buble and my new fixation Michael Sheen lol ;o)

  4. Michael Sheen eh? What is it with you and Michaels then? Mind, I've still got that strange crush on David Mitchell ..

  5. Don't know Scatty - I'm inexplicably drawn to them I suppose. Watched Frost/Nixon the other week and spent the whole film thinking how hot Michael Sheen is! ;o)

    David Mitchell isn't such a strange one - he is quite cute I suppose :o)

  6. MS was Brian Clough too wasn't he - you sure it's not some kind of power thing you're drawn to Foxy!

    The background is back, yippee! I just had to fetch the code again, and thankfully they still had it!

    And I'm sorry for the news about Matthew :(