Friday, 30 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Camilla, Over The Edge

Trav's Thoughts are in for the recap and vids of So You Think You Can Dance - a bit of a scare re more injuries but it's ok and the eliminations this week are on merit.

2008 Strictly Come Dancing champion Camila Dallerup and Kevin Sacre were married in a simple ceremony in Ibiza this week. One question: If you've no interest and can't be generous to wish them well, why bother commenting? Honestly, some people ...

And a review of an intriguing sounding show at the Barbican, Over The Edge. No, not a live musical version of an animated Bruce Willis movie!


  1. Some people just can't resist unfortunately Scatty. have added a comment of my own, but it's not as strong as I would have liked.

    Personally I thought she looked lovely :o)

  2. She looks radiantly happy - and that's how it should be. And to me, it looks like that photographer is perched somewhere above the location, zooming in, so not even official!