Saturday, 24 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing, Burn the Floor, Glee,

Big news this week - (Foxy, you might want to sit down for this!) Matthew Cutler and Lilia Kopylova have decided not to take up roles in the Strictly Pro group, although Ian Waite and Darren Bennett have. Best wishes to Matthew and Lilia in their future projects and we may still see them guesting on the show.

Rumours wise, Tina O'Brien, who played Sarah Louise Platt in Coronation Street, is said to have signed, before taking up a role in Waterloo Road.

Alesha will be switching on the Blackpool Illuminiations.

And Yay! Our Claudia will be fronting the Sunday results show with Tess in place of Brucie! They made a great team last year when Brucie was ill, so good on the Powers That Be for going with it again permanently.

Trav's Thoughts are in, apologies for them being a little late this week - why does everything happen all in the same week! The show report here and the recap and vids here, three excellent hiphop routines tonight and a twist in the result!

Brian and Ali are burning up the floor!

The Stage interview Glee's Matthew Morrison.

Tamzin Outhwaite wants to bring a little music to Eastenders and hasn't ruled out Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing on Ice in the future!


  1. Mum broke the news to me when I got home from work on friday Scatty and I did feel pretty miserable all evening - I'm gonna miss my lovely, lovely Matthew *sniff* :o(

    On the Michael Sheen front - maybe it is a power thing. He played head Werewolf in the Underworld movies. I've added a couple of little links on here to pics of said character. I defy you to look Scatty and then tell me that is not one seriously yummy man! He he ;o)

    Who knew there was a body like that underneath the Frost/Clough/Blair exterior!! *swoon*

  2. That is never the same man! Versatile appears to be an understatement!

  3. I promise you it is Scatty! :o)

    Not quite enough to topple Buble from the top spot, but he's certainly shot up my own personal table of hotness! Lol ;o)