Friday, 16 July 2010

Snippets: So You Think You can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing,

Trav's Thoughts with the recap and vids are in - Comfort and Twitch sound like a Disney film, don't they?!

And Derek Hough has confirmed on his Twitter page that he will NOT be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing and wonders where the rumours come from. Well, Derek, there are these things in the UK, colloquially known as 'Red Tops'. They use a system called 'Six Degrees of Separation', whereby they came to the conclusion that you would be on the show because:
1. You are a dancer on Strictly's US version, Dancing With The Stars.
2. Cheryl Cole wants to crack America.
3. You danced with Cheryl Cole in her video.
4. You went on holiday with her (and look where that got her!) and obviously, therefore, must want to marry her and will come to England to do so.
5. She judges a rival show that is on the opposite channel to Strictly Come Dancing at the same time.
6. Ergo, you must be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing. See, simples!

I knew you wouldn't be, I don't know why I succumbed to sullying my blog with the damn rumours. Likewise, Pammy and Nicole will not be doing Strictly either!

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