Thursday, 8 July 2010

Snippets: Diversity, Flawless, So You Think You Can Dance

Interviews with members of Diversity and Flawless ... and Trav's Thoughts are in on So You Think You Can Dance, with the bad news that Alex, who produced that fantastic Hip Hop with Twitch last week, has a possible rupture Achilles and, having been unable to perform will automatically be in the bottom three - and if the Doctor says no to continuing, he's out! Gutted for him. Let's keep everything crossed.


  1. I'm really disappointed for Alex. I hope the injury isn't serious, not so much so he can continue on SYTYCD this season, but rather so his career isn't damaged. That young man simply must dance.

  2. He must! I'll have to put that Hip Hop on here permanently I think!