Sunday, 25 July 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week Two

Introducing Three Spires, Roulette, Blok, The Redroofians, Dawson's Academy and Singlive to Like A Prayer/Living on a Prayer. They seem a lively lot.

First up, Dawson's Academy, a performing arts school, been doing it for years, doing a mash up of Michael Jackson/Take That with Kim Gavin, TT's choreographer. Only there wasn't so much of Back for Good and I don't think it acutally worked that well, not all the vocals were strong either BUT - overall, a bloomin' good effort, enjoyable and a great theme. Chucky says Michael would've been flattered; Tamsin loved the concept; Anastacia tells them to take in more oxygen, overall a god job; Duncan says he didn't hear a bum note. But then, he was in Blue.

Nathan Clarke creating for Roulette, with a mash up of Take on Me/Starry Eyed. I was a bit concerned that we had another bad 80's video unfolding but it definitely improved with Starry Eyed coming in, which blended really well, with an interesting arrangement for the Take on Me vocals. I didn't care for the electro theme, too fast. Anastacia says they're not at the top of the vocal category, very interesting Bjorky sound; Chucky says they didn't quite own their individual moments; Duncan says visually strong, the concept of the pods worked well; Tamsin says it was creatively beautiful.

SingLive next and they're more in unison than the big group last week, mostly in time and a wall of sound to Queen's Radio Gaga and One Vision. Chucky said they executed it well; Anastacia says a splendid job; Tamsin loved Chris' voice, a massive smile on her face; Duncan said simple and effective.

The Redroofians sing and dance to Teenage Dreams and they're doing it for Rosie's charity. Kim Gavin directs and they sound great together at first but not so good invidually, lost some of the energy. Bright and cheery and they're very excited. Tamsin says the energy and enthusiasm made the performance outstanding; Chucky says they made the stage they're playground, awesome; Anastacia loved the energy; Duncan liked the inter-actions.

Blok we've seen before, but I can't remember which of the other shows it was! Nathan Clarke directs them in a Girls Aloud number - what is it with all the high octane stuff tonight? Phew, well I'm exhausted. Probably my fave so far, slick, tight - good move to have the non-dancing singers just singing while the dancers got on with it. Duncan says it's a hot performance; Chucky more excited than watching the Laker's cheerleaders; Tamsin says they're the best vocals so far; Anastacia didn't like that there seemed to be two separate groups.

Three Spires named after the Coventry skyline and it's another sob story - which they really did not need, as Sam is by far the strongest vocalist tonight. I loved the beginning of this and was thinking this could be a wow moment that blows me away when ... high octane, screw up the vocals time again! Choreogrpahers tonight - get yourselves out of the bloomin' eighties big hair hi-energy mode for crying out loud - that could have been so much better. Great theatrical presence ruined by going karaoke again. Anastacia cared for all of it; Chucky says it was rock star ready; Tamsin says complete theatrics; Duncan says they came together as a show choir.

Ok, they all worked hard - but I think the professionals let them all down quite frankly, that could and should have been a much stronger show. I haven't voted, I'm disappointed.

The Supergroup do Boys and Girls and invidually on the VT they're fab, but again, I think it's the arrangements letting them all down - too scrappy, too busy - less is more, Duncan said it earlier - simpler is sometimes more effective.

Votes are in, second and third are: Blok; Singlive. Straight through to the final are: Three Spires. What a surprise. Bloody hell Emma, that was longer than Brucie makes us wait.

Well, I think Blok were pretty together but Singlive impressed the judges earlier and from their comments there I think they'll take this. I'm still trying to figure out why the sailor suits. Decision time: Chucky - Singlive; Anastacia - Singlive; Duncan - Singlive. Tamsin would have gone for Blok. Ah, well. There's always next week.

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