Sunday, 18 July 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Week One

And we're live, from wherever it's being filmed! Here we go! Thirty acts, broken down into groups of six.

Your judges are Anastacia, Duncan James, Tamzin Outhwaite and Chucky Clapow. Emma Bunton tells us what's'appenin'. The public winner of each show is guaranteed a place in the final, next two face the judges.

Introducing, to I Gotta Feeling, it's Manchester Show Choir, The Classix, Singer Station, Dice, Step Up, Eschoir. And this is now a proper mash-up, as they mix in Don't Stop Believing!

First out - Dice! Nice lot of gentle ribbing in the VT, they clearly get on well but there could be stretchers? *eek* Nathan Clarke choreographs Do Your Thing and VoulezVous mash and it's a WOW - now that I was not expecting! They were fab, full of energy, the level didn't drop. A great opening to the show, well done! Chucky says it was executed with a degree of professionalism he was not expecting; Duncan says their energy to open the show was fantastic; Anastacia says the vocals were spot on, very good; Tamzin says the performance was amazing and slick.

The Classix, musical theatre singers and I'm loving the description given by Fatty - his words! Steve Sidwell the musical director, for a new spin on Video Killed The Radio Star. Hm. Pop songs don't show off musical theatre vocals, I never liked that song and how it is a new spin, since that seems to be just like the original, even down to the dodgy glasses? Dated, did nothing for me, I'm afraid. Chucky says it was very clean, precise, rehearsed, stepped up in originality *eh*?; Anastacia is very into Classix, tremendous blend and poise; they blew Duncan away and Tamzin says it's an experience to watch them. Yeah, a De Ja Vu experience ...

Step Up step out next, they're a group with a message, giving it back to the community. Nathan Clarke overseeing for Signed Sealed Delivered mashed with Think. I think all three lead vocals lost their way in parts, it was all very bright but not a lot going on - I'm a little disappointed, thought it would be a lot more urban and raw than it was. Duncan says Stevie would be proud of them; Anastacia says there were great, independent vocals; Chucky, now Chucky, he agreed with me - tells them they could dance bigger, not to settle for what they did there; Tamzin says she'd like to be a part of that group.

Manchester Show Choir and Daniel, founder and creative director has to sit this one out while Kim Gavin creates to Bad Romance and Poker Face. Great theatrical look and feel to it but it seems busy without the high energy levels required for Lady Ga Ga stuff. Some strong vocals, some weak, some pretty dreadful towards the end. Chucky says they needed to keep up with the electricity of the songs; Duncan says they were some smaller groups within the big group; Anastacia would like to have heard more harmonies and intricacies within the vocals; Tamzin says it needed more vocal variety.

Singer Station, musical performance group sing True Colours from the heart, it's very touching but not vocally strong enough and isn't a big enough performance I fear. Tamzin agrees it's an emotional performance; Chucky says it was the perfect choice for them.

Eschoir and lots of fun banter, seem like a lively lot. Ooh, grit and raunch we like! They've gone for Sex on Fire, strong vocally, lots of testosterone but they can't do that every week - will have to show some versatility if they make it through. Anastacia says there was plenty of sex but was distracted by the girl, although it was well executed; Chucky said the power of the peice was the less is more approach, smart; Duncan said it was a rich, deep vocal but reminded him of Thriller ... in a bad way.

We begin to meet the Supergroup and there's a medley mash up with Don't Stop Believing and Alicia Keys' No-one and U2 in there but then I lost the plot - I know they're the Supergroup, I found it bitty - thought the curly haired blonde bloke very strong though! If you're sitting at home singing along - they're auditioning in Portsmouth on Monday and Tuesday - you could be there next week!

The lines are closed - I can't see Dice not getting the win tonight, no idea on which two will fight it out for the judges though. The results are in, ooh, second and third first ... Dice! What? You are kidding me? Joining them - Manchester Show Choir. So who got the win then? Singer Station! Well, the public do love a bit of a sob story, don't they. But really, my flabber is well and truly gasted. If the judges don't put Dice through, I'll, well, I'll just get on with it, but really ...

Dice faultless again - let's see what MSC can do - they can't better that, surely? Oh, don't drag it out Emma, the judges clearly don't want to say they don't stand a chance and they've already made up their minds. They tried, stepped it up a bit but still out of sync. Over to the judges: Chucky - Dice; Tamzin - Dice; Duncan - Dice; Anastacia - oh, we're not going to ask, even if it is academic, because majority rules. So Dice have to come back and compete against the other runners up for the final place in the final!

And I'm thinking already, are we going to be stuck with sympathy votes winning out over truly talented acts? Which will be a real shame - Dice were the only act close to fitting the Glee show choir scenario and that's the inspiration behind the show.

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