Friday, 25 June 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - U.S.

Trav's Thoughts are in as the Top 10 are whittled down to 9. Main show here and recap and vids here. I adored Alex and Lauren's Broadway routine, loved it. Enjoyed Kent and Courtney's too and, it's amazing that I hear another song I hate but seeing such fantastic movement to it makes me like it - Lauren and Dominic's interpretation of If I Were A Boy joins Single Ladies, Fight For This Love and Bleedin' Love that I can listen to quite happily now - because I can close my eyes and remember Glee, Let's Dance for Comic Relief and Move Like Michael Jackson!


  1. I know what you mean about some of these songs. I doubt I would have been sparked by Bleeding Love, but now when I hear it I see Chelsie and Mark dance in my head.

    This is a great group and I'm enjoying seeing them dance with the All Stars.

  2. It must give them so much more confidence to be partnered with someone who's been there and done it already - and such a boost to the All-Stars too, to be asked back to do it :)