Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Snippets: Michael Jackson video game, Strictly Come Dancing rumours and interviews, Adam Garcia

Learn to dance like Michael Jackson, in a new, as yet un-named video game!

And we're off - the rumours for Strictly Come Dancing Series 8, including Patsy Kensit, Matthew Wright, Nicole Scherzinger - I really don't see how they can allow the winner of this year's Dancing With The Stars in it, seriously - Kimberley Walsh, Richard Madely (again!) and GMTV's ex-presenters Penny Smith and Ben Shepherd. And as for Brucie, I don't think these are who he means by big name stars - Patsy, granted, high profile, been around a long time, and Kimberley, member of the top girl group on the planet - but the others are presenters - they present the top stars, don't they? None of them are stars to me - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Freddie Flintoff. And Bruce can't hold them to ransom - there are fans for and against him returning and retirement will happen in the near future - at least then he'll get his knighthood.

An interview with Darren and Lilia.

Talking Shop with Adam Garcia.

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